Honda UK C4 Sponsorship 'alpaca' by Wieden + Kennedy London

Honda UK is launching the next phase of its sponsorship platform for Channel 4 documentaries with a series of mini-documentaries, an online hub, and sponsorship idents.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy London the short films will break on 2 June during the Cutting Edge documentary ‘The Parlour’ on Channel 4.

The idents will continue to feature real-life customers who use their Honda products in an interesting way, such as Philippa, an alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire, who tends to the animals on her farm using her Honda ATV. 

Customers will also be able to ‘take part’ via the website, uploading and stories and photographs about the surprising way they can use their Honda product. The work was created by Hollie Newton and directed Jorn Threlfall through Outsider.