Honda's Twitter account gets 'hacked' by Skeletor

Honda has apparently faked a hack of its own Twitter account, handing the @Honda handle to its ad mascot Skeletor.

Honda: handing Twitter control to ad mascot Skeletor
Honda: handing Twitter control to ad mascot Skeletor

The Mattel character has, at the time of writing, been tweeting under the #skeletakeover hashtag for around two hours, cannily including popular hashtags such as #CyberMonday.

The Honda Twitter account now features a Skeletor avatar and background photo, and the character is furiously tweeting high-profile brands such as Samsung and even People magazine.

Naturally, Skeletor is also tweeting about his arch-enemy He-Man.

Although some tweeters appear to think the hack is genuine, it's worth noting that Skeletor is one of several iconic kids' characters featuring in Honda's Christmas ads, along with Stretch Armstrong, Gumby and Jem.

The nostalgic campaign references the joy of receiving one of the toys for Christmas.

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