Hot in 2018: Top 9 radio ads

Throughout December, we are revealing the best of our industry in 2018.

Stanley Matthews (credit: Getty Images)
Stanley Matthews (credit: Getty Images)

9 Virgin Atlantic 'Winter sale 2018'

Agency Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives Zoe Nash, Sali Horsey
Producer Roy Barker
Sound engineer Dugal

Female narrator: How amazing is the Virgin Atlantic sale? As amazing as an advert, that knows it’s the [voiceover specifies morning/afternoon/evening depending on broadcast time]. In fact, it’s [voiceover specifies day of the week and morning/ afternoon/evening]. And that the weather outside is [voiceover specifies whether it’s rainy/sunny/ snowy]. And that you’re currently in [voiceover specifies location ad is being broadcast]. And that your name is… well, maybe that’s too far. The Virgin Atlantic sale is that kinda amazing.

Visit to book.

8 Highways Agency 'Space invaders'

Agency Adam & Eve/DDB
Creatives Shay Reading, Frank Ginger, Paul Knowles
Producer Darren Tuohy
Sound engineer Mark Hellaby

[Noise of traffic bulletin, traffic on the road and the sounds of an alien from a Space Invaders-style arcade game.]
Space invader: Bip bip bip bip…
Male narrator: Driving is not a game…
Space invader: Bip bip bip. [Pace of "bipping" quickens.]
Male narrator: If you tailgate the car in front, the closer you get…
Space invader: Bip bip bip bip.
Male narrator: …the less time you’ll have to react [Sound of Space Invader being blown up.]
Don’t be a Space Invader. Stay safe, stay back. Brought to you by Highways England.

7 NHS 'We are the NHS'

Agency MullenLowe London
Creatives Louisa Silburn, Hugh Todd
Producer Vanessa Hunt
Sound engineer Ben Gulvin

Female narrator:
We are here every day and every night of every year.
[Sound of ambulance siren/ hospital bed going through doors/footsteps down corridor.]
From new-born to old age.
[Sound of baby crying/scanner/beep of monitor/heartbeat/oxygen tank.]
We never panic.
[Phone ring tone/NHS employee answers: "How can I help?"]
We take a pulse, agree a plan, make a cuppa.
[Beep of heart monitor/talking/cup of tea being made.]
We’re doing our rounds… making our visits.
[Ring of a door bell/door opening/voice saying "Hiya".]
We are Michelle, Adan, Alfie, Frankie, Yvonne. And at 3.49 this morning we were Maisie, too.
[A newborn baby’s cry.]
We are the NHS.
[Nurse leaves for the night saying "Night, love" to colleagues.]
We are recruiting now. Search "nursing careers".

6 FCA 'Can’t recall the 90s'

Agency M&C Saatchi
Creatives Kieron Roe, Dom Moira
Producer Mary Fostiropoulos
Sound engineer Jeff Smith

Arnie [voiceover in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger]: Oh man, the 90s, so cool. Remember this bangin’ tune?
[Starts to sing 1990s hit Pump up the Jam, but is unable to recall the lyrics.]
Jump on the tram/Catch it up/Grab a sandwich and chomp it/My nan she plays the trumpet/Dun dun dun dun do…
Voice of the FCA: Hmm, we can’t totally recall the 90s. Like if you had PPI on a loan, credit card or mortgage, for example. Luckily, we don’t have to. Many PPI providers now have online checking tools. Search "FCA PPI".
Arnie: Do it now!

5 McDonald’s 'Extras'

Agency Leo Burnett
Creatives Cass Jamcotchian, Hayley Power
Producer Adam Furman
Sound engineers Tony Rappacioli, Ed Downham

[Background music. Shop bell rings.]
Customer [shouting over music]: I’d like a flat white please.
Server: Sure. Coconut milk? Rice milk? Quinoa milk or tiger nut?
Customer: Just regular milk.
Server: Regular milk?
Customer: Yes.
Server: Oh, and would you like a turmeric shot with that?
Customer: No thank you.
Server: Beetroot sprinkles? Matcha sprinkles?
Customer [slightly irritated]: No, just as it is.
Server: OK, well that’ll be £8.
Customer: What?!
Server: Your 26th will be free.
Male narrator: Enjoy a flat white at a price that’s easier to swallow from the McCafé range at McDonald’s.
[McDonald’s five-note jingle plays.]

4 Dexcom 'Fistbump'

Agency McCann Birmingham
Creatives Vince McSweeney, Joe Ivory, Jamie Buckingham
Producer Pam Myers 
Sound engineer Tim Lofts

Male narrator: British people who fistbump. That guy who stops at the top of the escalator to check his phone. Public FaceTimers. People who say "amazing". That guy on Twitter who ends every tweet with "let that sink in". Bartenders who call themselves "mixologists". New mums on Facebook (hashtag blessed). Gym bros. Bike bros. Coffee bros. Just… bros. Instagram couples. Lifestyle gurus. That teacher you had. You know the one. Your ex. Your ex’s new partner. All your ex’s new partner’s friends. The world is already full of pricks. So we made a glucose monitoring system that doesn’t have any. The Dexcom G6. No needles. No pricks.

3 Boots/Soltan 'Tattoo'

Agency Ogilvy UK
Creatives Dave Anderson, Ian Brassett, Sam Cartmell
Producer Lesley Scott
Sound engineer Sam Cross

[Bell signals opening of shop, the sound of a buzzing tattoo needle can be heard in the background.]
Tattoo artist: Hey, good to see you again. What tattoo are you getting today?
Child: Mallorca 2018, please. Really big across my back.
Tattoo artist: Nice! How many is that now?
Child: I’ve got one on my chest from the beach… one on my arm from the park.
Female narrator: Some leading suncreams don’t offer five-star UVA protection, exposing your child to sun damage that’s as permanent as a tattoo. Be certain with Soltan, exclusively at Boots.

2 Hiscox Business Insurance 'Synth'

Agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi, Andre Hull, Clark Edwards
Producer Darapen Vongsa-Nga
Sound engineer Munzie Thind

Female narrator: Malware, phishing, identity theft. Every day cyber crime is getting cleverer. With criminals deploying new techniques that could damage your business. 
For example, this ad has been voiced by me, a professional actress, and me, a synthesised AI copy. Could you tell who was which?
At Hiscox it’s this type of threat we make it our business to know.
That’s why our Specialist Business Insurance helps you stay one step ahead of cyber crime.
To find out more and to see what lines were real, go to
Hiscox. Ever onwards.

1 BT Sport '90 in 90'

Agency Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creative Tim Riley
Producers Paul Goodwin, Tara Megson
Sound engineer Ben Gulvin

Female narrator: The history of the FA Cup in 90 minutes. Half time.
Male narrator: It’s your third FA Cup Final. You’ve lost the previous two. You’re losing this one. You’re thirty-eight. Maybe you should just accept that it’s not going to happen. Yet you always wanted to win the FA Cup. For your father’s sake, as much as your own. As he lay dying in a hospital bed, he made you promise you’d win it for him one day. But, in the second half, Bolton score again. And now your team, Blackpool, are 3-1 down. Yet, in the last 25 minutes, you create three goals. And, when the final whistle blows, you, Stanley Matthews, are an FA Cup winner at last. And, with tired arms, you lift your medal to the sky and say: "There it is, dad."
Female narrator: Who’ll make history this year? The Emirates FA Cup on BT Sport. Be there.