Hot in 2019: Top 9 radio ads

A look back on the best of our industry in 2019.

Top radio ads: ITV and Tyrrells among our winners
Top radio ads: ITV and Tyrrells among our winners

9 Tyrrells 'Handcooked'


Agency St Luke’s
Joanne Boyle, Hannah Williamson 
Jenny Busby
Sound design
Ben Leeves, Jungle


[Track Memphis Belle plays]
Male narrator "And now, we go live to Tyrrells Farm…"
[General party sounds of music and chatter.]
Female narrator It’s been a day of celebration down here in Herefordshire.
[Sound of a Champagne cork popping.]
Female narrator The folks have won yet another Great Taste award for their cracking crisps.
[Sounds of cheering and whooping.]
Female narrator Which comes as no surprise, as they have a whole host of tasty flavours. From zingy sea salt and cider vinegar to the vibrant vegetable crisp. Now that’s a mouthful
[Sound of people singing along to the tune of the conga.]
Female narrator [Munching on crisps.
Three cheers to the folks at Tyrrells. Your crisps are Tyrrellbly, Tyrrellbly tasty.

8 Radiocentre 'Brexit-busting radio' 


Agency Radioville
Creative Tim Craig
Producers Sean Carnegie, Liz Carter
Sound engineer Rick Morris


Man Right, team, as you know all this uncertainty around Brexit has impacted the marketing budget, so we’ll have to think outside the box. Zig while everyone else zags. Grab the low-hanging fruit. Be the disruptor.
Woman Or we could advertise on radio?
Female narrator Research shows that in certain sectors, radio delivers the highest returns of any media, paying back on average £7.70 for every £1 spent.
Man Great, let’s green light that.
Woman Yeah, let’s.
Female narrator See radio differently at

7 McDonald’s 'Builders' 


Agency Leo Burnett London 
Creatives Danielle Melia, Gary Lathwell
Producer Adam Furman
Sound engineer Tony Rapaccioli


[Sounds of a busy building site. Someone in the background can be heard hammering a metal pipe, while others can be heard trudging back and forth over gravel and mud, carrying supplies.]
Builder one
Jack… peely peely.
Jack Peely peely, mate.
[The refrain "peely peely" starts to fly around the site as we hear builders passing each other saying it, a man in a truck driving past shouting it, and a crane driver who wants in.]
Builder two Dezza, peely peely.
Dezza Definitely, peely peely.
Gary Oh Chris, peely peely.
Chris Aye Gary, peely peely.
Dezza Peely peely.
[Someone very close asks the same question, made to sound as if they are speaking into the listener’s ear.]
Gary Ben, peely peely.
Ben Peely… what?
Gary Peely peely.
Ben What are you talking about, man?
Male narrator Get peely peely with the Monopoly game at McDonald’s. There are millions of great prizes to win.
[McDonald’s five-note jingle plays.]
Male narrator Sixteen-plus to play. Selected items. From 10.30am. Subject to availability. Ends 30 April. UK only.  See rules at or ask at restaurants.

6 Surfers Against Sewage 'Undiscovered creatures'


Agency M&C Saatchi
Creatives Alan Jones, Angelo An
Producer Simon Blaxland
Sound engineer Mike Bovill


Male narrator You’re listening to the actual recording of "the Julia". A subsonic moan that doesn’t match the sound of any marine creature ever recorded.
Many biologists will tell you it’s a deep-sea distress call.
And when you listen, it’s easy to see why.
The mysterious howling was captured by deep-sea hydrophones off the coast of Cape Adare.
The same place Nasa captured photographs of a huge, unexplained shadow moving through the water.
It may well be a coincidence, but if the Julia really is a distress call from the deep, perhaps it’s time we answered.
Ninety-five per cent of our oceans remain unexplored.
Are we killing what we’ve yet to discover?

5 Weetabix 'Noah'


Agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Creatives Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke
Producer Ali Terrell


[Background noises of wood being sawn and nailshammered.]
Chippy Afternoon, Mr Noah.
Noah Good afternoon. Now, how is my ark coming along?
Chippy It’s all finished.
Noah Really? You only started this morning.
Chippy Yep. It’s all done.
Noah You’ve built the pens for the elephants and zebras?
Chippy I have. And an enclosure for the funny bears with black eyes.
Noah The pandas?
Chippy Yeah, that’s them.
Noah Blimey… someone’s had their Weetabix?
Chippy Yes, mate. I had three. But you might want to crack on, Mr Noah. They’ve forecast rain this evening. 
[Sound of loud rumble of thunder.]
Male narrator Have you had your Weetabix?

4 Vauxhall Astra 'Backwards stories: ugly duckling'


Agency McCann Milton Keynes
Creatives Alberto Espeja, Joe Ivory, Jamie Buckingham
Producer Justin Sanders
Sound production Global Radio


Male narrator This is the story of a beautiful swan who lived on a lake with a lot of other beautiful swans.
Swan one Darling, you look gorgeous. [Wings flapping.]
Male narrator One day, they all flew away, leaving the beautiful swan alone to mope about a bit, before he recognised his reflection in the water and realised he was actually a very ugly duckling.
[Sound of duckling crying.]
Swan two I’m hideous.
Male narrator Then the other ducks, animals and assorted wild fowl abused him about his looks mercilessly.
Animal Haha, rubbish beak.
Male narrator Then, he turned into an egg.
[Sound of duck quacking, popping noise.]
Male narrator two Things can end badly backwards, that’s why the Vauxhall Astra Ultimate comes with reverse camera as standard. Vauxhall, British brand since 1903.

3 Argos 'Back to uni'


Agency The & Partnership London
Creatives Sophia Kossoki, Rohit Tharakan
Producer Ellen Green
Sound studio Smoke and Mirrors


Male narrator one There’s one thing worse than interrupting your playlist with an advert about a £5 can-opener from Argos, and that’s not having a can opener for your beans. So you use a pair of scissors to jab it and jab it and jab it and… pop – it goes everywhere, just as your new housemate walks in and sees you covered in red sauce, holding a pair of scissors, breathing heavily. Yes, that would be worse than interrupting your playlist with an advert about a £5 can-opener.
Male narrator two Get all your uni essentials with same-day home delivery, seven days a week. With Argos, you’re good to go. Delivery conditions apply subject to availability. Order by 6pm, 90% UK coverage.

2 The Ben Kinsella Trust 'A shout out to my son'


Agency M&C Saatchi
Creatives Sara Halliday, Becky Brice
Producer Gareth Williams


Ad one

Female narrator This is a shout out to my son on Mother’s Day. Flowers I’d like to receive, not flowers to put on your grave. I’d like to hear your key in the front door, rather than a knock from a policeman. Don’t carry a knife, please, I don’t want to have to bury my child.

Ad two

Female narrator This is a shout out to my son. It’s your mum. The greatest gift you could give to me on Mother’s Day is just to stay safe. If you ever feel like you have to walk out of the house with a knife, just come and talk to me. I don’t want to lose my identity. I don’t want to not be a mum any more.

Ad three

Female narrator This is a shout out to my son on Mother’s Day. I carried you in my womb for nine months, but all I want for Mother’s Day, son, is for you not to carry a knife. You’re always there for me when I need you, and I need you to stay here for me.

1 ITV 'Great characters make great drama'


Agency Uncommon Creative Studio
Creative n/s
Producer George Saunders
Sound design Henning Knoepfel, Soundtree


Roger Allam in his role as Endeavour’s Inspector Thursday I’m the patriarch.
The grey hair.
The one who has seen things. Done things.
I remind you of your own dad.
Or the one you wish he’d been.
Sword or gun, you’ll always find me on the frontline.
And though you know that the good often perish in great drama, you won’t be able to help yourself.
Listen to the voices you love, keep them close.
The mothers. The lovers. 
The fathers.
Do this, because all our stories are too short for bad characters.
Male narrator Great characters make great drama. More than TV.

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