Hot Pickle's 17 predictions for 2017

Event's Brand Experience Agency of the Year, Hot Pickle, looks at the year ahead for experiential.

The Hot Pickle team picks their top experiential trends for 2017
The Hot Pickle team picks their top experiential trends for 2017

For founder and director Patrick Hammond, the year ahead is one that will see experiential dominate marketing spend while consumers kick back and cut the digital noise.

1. Experiential at the heart  
More brands will build campaigns with experiential at the heart, using events and activations to create content to be shared across multiple channels. 

2. Switch off/opt out  
People will increasingly want to find ways to switch off and opt out of the constant noise of social media and digital communications, so events, concerts and restaurants designed to be phone-free will rise as people take social media sabbaticals.

3. Dust off your Game Boy
All things 90's will be cool again.

It will be a year of innovation, believes project director Annie Wong.

4. Brands go micro
2017 will see a new wave of micro-brands from new entrepreneurs. The only way to know about them is to be a part of the group.

5. Skills discovery
People are craving experiences and 2017 will see much more of it. Brands will facilitate the discovery of consumers’ hidden talents with ‘crafternoons’, VR public speaking classes and cooking clubs.

6. Joyful luxe
After a year of minimalism, 2017 will be about domestic treats and keepsakes that put a smile on your face – think the Ercol coffee table, the Aesop handwash and the Tom Dixon lampshade.

Coconuts out, cocktails in, says account director Sarah-Jane Smeeton.

7. A night to remember 
While experiential nights out and experiential gastronomy will continue to be popular, due to increasingly high prices they will see a change in audience (more mature) with hipsters and millennials veering towards the independent cocktail bars popping up all over the Capital.

8. Carbon neutral
Sustainability will become a bigger consideration for brands working on events – reducing and repurposing waste and creating carbon neutral events will be the ultimate goal. 

9. Juice Wars
Move over coconut water - watermelon juice will dominate the drinks fridge in 2017.

Founder and director Rupert Pick believes more brands will go offline.

10. Online goes offline 
The big online players will go offline. Amazon is making strides and keep an eye on ASOS. Who's next? 

11. Bigger and bolder
We live in the experience economy, that's indisputable. More brands are going to invest in rich immersive experiences. They understand that experiences give them the opportunity to tell stories and stories sell product. 

12. Embrace the senses
AR and VR to get truly sensorial. Time for smells, texture, movement.

Beauty and passion will dominate, says senior account manager Sarah Pick.

13. Beautifully different
Embracing difference and all types of beautiful will continue to stake a claim in 2017 with brand-led activations waking up to the possibilities.

14. Say what you mean and mean what you say
We’re becoming more politically and socially conscious by the day. Emotions are running high and the consumer will demand authentic experiences they can feel passionate about.

Meanwhile, for Lorien Palmer, insight and strategy executive, the final three predictions take in festivals and retail.

15. Augmented retail reality
2017 will see retailers striving to combine the physical and virtual elements of their environments.

16. Urban chillouts
Urban festivals will boom – either in parks or in multiple venues across the city. Think Tramlines in Sheffield or Simple Things in Bristol.

17. Contactless
Cashless festivals will become the norm thanks to pre-loaded RFID wristbands, contactless and Apple/Android pay.

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