House of Experience reveals 'challenger' start-up strategy

House of Experience is carving a niche for itself in the start-up world, and the agency plans to continue to focus on such brands and businesses moving forward.

House of Experience is working with a number of start-up brands and businesses
House of Experience is working with a number of start-up brands and businesses

Oliver Burgoyne, client services director at House of Experience, told Event it is both fun and rewarding working within this realm. 

"One of the most rewarding aspects is being part of the start-up community - it’s quite a unique community, people want to help each other be successful and as a result ‘we’ stick together. 

House of Experience is a start-up business itself, and such activity is a natural fit for the agency. Formed three years ago, it is a part of The Fair and Big Cat Group.

"Working with fellow start-ups has been a privilege; together we want to achieve success. We share similar philosophies and are both willing to push the boundaries to have a voice in what is a very crowded market place, for both ourselves and brands," explains Burgoyne. 

"We certainly don’t subscribe to the fact that great campaigns require big budgets and would never turn a prospective client down because their budgets are not big enough."

TransferWise is the agency’s most high profile client, and it has executed eye catching stunts in cities such as London, Paris and Barcelona for the international money transfer company.

"Together we have been on a journey that has seen us deliver over 30 activations in eight countries," Burgoyne says. 

"Our most recent win will see us deliver a piece of content for bike lock brand Hiplok. There’s a lot in the pipeline and a few new exciting wins will be announced soon." 

The broader strategy

Burgoyne explains House of Experience is unlike the traditional agency – it shies away from the norm – which he believes start-ups tend to relate to.

"We are a 'challenger' agency and as a result it allows us to rip up the rulebook - our culture and ways of working are very different and that seems to be something our start-up clients have well and truly embraced.

"This approach is at the heart of our business and has an impact on all aspects, from recruitment to day-to-day culture."

When it comes to recruitment, the agency looks for individuals who display a particular set of characteristics – those that thrive in the start-up world.

"It requires a certain type of person to work for a start-up, and also to work with a start-up - our clients don’t have the red tape that many corporates have and decisions are often made quicker - with less time to turn projects around," Burgoyne says.

"For our business to be successful we have to be agile in our approach, committed, dedicated and passionate - there is certainly no space for passengers. Everyone who works in our team loves what they are doing. We have a unique set-up where everyone, no matter what their position, has a voice."

The future

Burgoyne is looking to grow the agency moving forward. "In the next 12 months, we want to continue to grow. However, it is important that we don’t lose our roots that have made the last three years a success. 

"The ultimate goal is to continue to help the start-ups we work with become household brands, ultimately then making us an agency that works with a mix of start-ups and established brands."

Recent stunts for TransferWise:

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