Hovis brings back 'boy on a bike' for adventure spot

Hovis is making its TV ad comeback tonight, after a three-year hiatus, with an update of its famous "boy on a bike" spot.

The ads mark the launch of the Hovis Good Inside range. They are part of a £5 million integrated campaign spanning TV, video-on-demand, radio, digital, PR and in-store media.

The spot, created by Mother, draws on the brand’s famous "boy on a bike" character and uses CGI to create an adventure sequence.

The ad is seen the world through the eyes of a child as the boy on the bike rides to escape from being trapped within the walls of his family's house, which are being built at incredible speed.

It is the first ad since Mother replaced JWT on Hovis's creative account last year and was tasked with reinvigorating the Hovis brand.

Sophie Lyons, the marketing manager at Hovis, said: "Hovis is a much-loved British brand, with this latest advert for the Hovis Good Inside range.

"We were keen to harness this brand love and pay homage to that rich Hovis heritage but in and new and exciting way.

"Positioning the brand as the provider of everyday goodness, we think that kids will love this advert as much as their parents love the original boy on a bike, demonstrating how the brand remains relevant to families today."