Howell launches 'growth' venture

The industry veteran Rupert Howell is launching a consultancy venture that he claims will be the first genuinely client-centric operation in the market.

Howell is teaming up with his fellow HHCL & Partners founder Robin Price, and Piers Schmidt, the founder of the now defunct marketing consultancy Fourth Room to launch a company called The Growth Organisation.

At the hub will be a venture called The Growth Consultancy, which Howell describes as the "engine room" of the whole enterprise.

The consultancy, which opens its doors after Easter, aims to give companies the means to kick start growth by "earning" it from consumers.

According to Howell, many companies have become too inwardly focused and have therefore lost touch with consumers. He says this has adversely affected their growth.

"Companies can't buy growth, they can't cut cost to achieve growth any more, they have to earn it. They have to get closer to customers and that's not just about great advertising.

At the moment, most companies are configured for financial benefits, not for their customers, " he said.

The Growth Consultancy will provide a range of services depending on a client's requirements, ranging from ideas generation through to business strategy and executional delivery. This will include helping companies implement change throughout their organisations.

Howell said: "The impotence of the consultancy is not delivering. So many clients say: 'I need help taking this through my organisation.'"

He added: "One of the biggest factors driving this is the major economic shift from supply-side mentality to a demand-side approach. Advertising has a role in demand generation but only when an organisation is ready."

Howell and his colleagues have earmarked a number of acquisition targets.

These companies would become part of the holding vehicle, The Growth Organisation, and feed their services into The Growth Consultancy.

Where necessary, The Growth Organisation will also form strategic partnerships in order to deliver on its proposition.

- Campaign Essay, p22.