HSBC uses emotive ad to relaunch bank account on Christmas Day

HSBC is relaunching one of its bank accounts with a new global campaign focusing on helping young people achieve their ambitions.

The ad by JWT London follows a young girl working as a hairdresser who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. A group of older ladies who are regulars at the salon notice her talent and give her the funds to go to fashion school.

The last scene shows the girl at the end of her fashion show with the ladies watching with pride in the front row.

The spot relaunches HSBC’s Advance bank account, which is designed to support those looking to achieve their ambitions.

Adam Collins took charge of art direction, and Mark Campion handled the copywriting. The ad was directed by Siri Bunford through Knucklehead. Mindshare handled the media planning and buying.

It will launch during Downton Abbey on ITV, and will show in cinemas from Boxing Day.

The campaign also includes through-the-line activity. At users will be able to create their own film to say thank you to people who have helped them.

Readers outside the UK will not be able to watch the YouTube video due to copyright issues.