HTC invites people into the Tardis for VR experience

Participants will take on role of the Doctor's assistant.

HTC: experience aims to promote new headset
HTC: experience aims to promote new headset

HTC is launching its latest virtual-reality system with an experience for Doctor Who fans.

During the two-day event, opening on 27 September, visitors will use a HTC Vive Cosmos headset for the experience.

The "Doctor Who: the edge of time" experience will invite guests to step inside the Tardis and take up the role of the Doctor’s assistant. A VR game will allow them to interact with the Doctor, pilot the spacecraft and embark on an adventure to solve a mystery.

The space will have a welcome area and three demo booths, allowing three participants to take part in the solo experience concurrently. A full-sized Tardis will be positioned outside the venue with a door covering the entrance, allowing visitors to "literally step into the Tardis" before they begin the game.

Entry to the experience at Protein Studios in London's Shoreditch will be split into 30-minute slots, including the 15-minute experience. Hope & Glory is delivering the project.

The game, produced by Maze Theory for BBC Studios, launches for all high-end VR platforms this month.