HTW postcards use local addresses to boost AA renewals

The AA is rolling out a campaign to attract former members to

rejoin its Roadside Assistance service.

The mailing is by Harrison Troughton Wunderman and attempts to use

personalised postcards to increase renewals to the AA service.

Members of the AA's Roadside Assistance service receive up to five

reminders to persuade them to renew their membership. The fifth piece is

the final opportunity to remind people what they will miss if the

service lapses.

The postcard mailing tries to create maximum impact. It has a straight

message on the front of the card with standard AA branding and the line:

"Something to get you home if you don't restart your AA membership."

The back of the card implies that they will only be able to get home by

hitch-hiking. The card appears to be a piece of cardboard like those

held by hitch-hikers and shows the recipient's home town crudely written

in felt-tipped pen. Each individual town name has been lasered on to the

mailing to imitate the handwriting style of a hitch-hiker.

The mailing was art directed by Anthony Cliff and the copywriter was

Stephen Timms.

The AA, which is currently conducting a review of its advertising

following a restructure of its marketing operations, uses Harrison

Troughton Wunderman on customer retention for its motoring services

products. The account was held by Impiric, now renamed Wunderman, prior

to its merger earlier this year with HPT Brand Response.