Hula Hoops welcomes back Steve Threlfall

Steve Threlfall, the Hula Hoops identikit consumer, is returning to TV as KP Foods attempts to enhance the brand's appeal to teenagers and twentysomethings.

The snacks company is putting £4 million behind a nine-week national campaign through Publicis, in which the awkward Threlfall continues to be catapulted towards celebrity status.

Starcom is handling media planning and buying for the campaign, which supports KP's strategy of shifting the product's focus away from its shape and towards its fun element, while further challenging its major rivals, Walkers and Pringles.

The new advertising takes over where the old ended, when Threlfall was "exposed" eating a rival snack.

The latest 30-second spot, breaking on Monday, offers Threlfall an "apology" because the rival product turned out to be pet food.

In the ad, a team of majorettes mass outside Threfall's front door, present him with a hamster and sing along to Take That's Back for Good before reappointing him as the face of Hula Hoops.

Two other ten-second films promote Threlfall's spoof autobiography and his new "hip hoop" album. They were written by Keith Courtney, art directed by Rob Janowski and directed by Steve Dell through Method Films.

Mandy Ferguson, the marketing director for KP snacks, said: "We're confident that by welcoming Threlfall back and showing greater dedication to him we can maximise awareness and engagement."