Hyperpersonalisation: the smart way to get up close and hyper-personal

By providing relevant and accurately tailored services, clever brands can impress even reluctant consumers

Suzanne Bidlake, Commercial Editor, Campaign Content LabWe’re all getting a little bit hyper about hyper-personalisation. And who can blame us? 

Swooning at how life could be made easier and how new and exciting opportunities could be brought to our door by giving away selective information about ourselves, we handed over the keys to personalisation. 

And brands ran away with them. And then barged back into our private spaces and – worse – shared those keys with their mates, or sold them on to people they didn’t even know.

Now for the inevitable backlash. It’s not a massive backlash. More of a swerve. A prod to brands from consumers demanding a more personal approach to personalisation that considers the actual person.

So, in fact, it’s all to play for in hyper-personalisation.

By providing relevant, accurate services in exchange for customer information, brands can pave the way in
persona-driven customer innovations.  

Powerful stuff. But it is not risk free.  A highly personalised customer experience that hits the wrong note is viewed less sympathetically than the broader brush strokes of a television ad or billboard. 

That’s all just talking about today. How about tomorrow? There’s a whole movement among today’s teenagers to shield their personal information, particularly from the sweeping searchlight of the internet.

My money’s on the smartest of brands, which get hyper-personal today in a way that even those new and empowered consumers of the next generation will agree feels right.

Suzanne Bidlake, commercial editor, Campaign Content Lab


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