What I do in data - Tony Lamb, data delivery director, Wegener DM

Q: How did you get to where you are today?

I first got into the delivery side of data when I was running a B2B data company. It soon became clear that clients didn't just want to buy data, but wanted us to solve their data issues. This experience eventually took me into consultancy where, for three years I became involved - often from scratch - in everything, from developing a business case to strategic implementation. One of my clients was Wegener. They offered me an exciting job. The rest is history.

Q: What's your job description?

I am, in effect, an 'operations director', making sure that the key tool - the data itself - is available and able to be used by the business and by clients, whatever the need. From the management of Wegener's own consumer data to external client data - including data gathered and shared across borders - I make sure it's available and delivers what is expected of it.

Q: What client problems have you solved recently?

One major job has been enabling a client to bring together all the customer data held separately across its business into one place, clean it, and use the right technology to enable them to use it for campaign planning and response analysis. All this is controlled centrally, but executed locally. In short, a complete managed solution.

Q: What's the biggest issue in your field right now - and what are the solutions?

With a fragmented media market, clients need to be able to manage all their communication channels.

Data and the management of data are crucial to making that happen, increasingly across borders. Whatever the channel, data now drives everything - and the more value and knowledge we can add, the better.

Q: What advice would you give people considering a job like yours?

There's a lot of knowledge required to be a data practitioner. So put yourself in a position where you're always learning, because you can never know too much.

Q: Any regrets?

None that I'd allow you to publish.