I-RECALL: Behind the Hype - Online recruitment with a creative twist. Dotcreatives.com plans to target the niche market of creative media recruitment

Good God, not another online recruitment site. Yes, I'm afraid so, but not so fast - let's not write this one off straight away.

Good God, not another online recruitment site. Yes, I'm afraid so, but not so fast - let's not write this one off straight away.

Dotcreatives.com is a specialist recruitment site aimed at matching creatively skilled people to positions in the design, broadcasting, advertising and new-media industries.

The site went live this week and is the brainchild of parent company Career Moves,which was founded more than 13 years ago. It has been set up in response to the growth of the broadcasting industry into the area of interactive TV and the impending approach of broadband. The increasing opportunities in the recruitment market created by the impact of new-media agencies was another incentive for the start-up.

Site characteristics Designed by the Brighton-based web agency Sleepy Cod, the site is pretty straightforward. In fact, let's be honest, it is quite one-dimensional and simple almost to the point of being boring.

As yet there isn't a great deal online in terms of job opportunities, although to be fair, it is only the site's first week.

The different job categories are divided into sales, editorial, creative, web design, marketing, business development and project management. A mainly charcoal grey forefront has been placed over an underlying splurge of hot red and orange.

Target audience Aimed mainly at the broadcast industry, the site also intends to cater for design companies, advertising agencies and some new-media companies. It will be aiming to fill junior positions with graduates of six months' experience as well as high-level, executive positions.

Founders The site is owned by the bricks-and-mortar company Career Moves. Dotcreatives.com was the brainchild of the Career Moves directors, Caroline Foote and Cheryl Karpel, and the company will be managed by Zena Nicholson.

Marketing The site's main method of raising awareness will be through networking, its founders say. The company plans to carry out a who's who-type survey within the industry and put it online. It is also planning to clock up some online partnerships, while some advertising is already in the pipeline.

Competition Recruitment sites are ten to the dozen these days, but few if any are as specialised in this area.



Dotcreatives.com needs to add more job opportunities and features to make it a little more interesting and less basic. However, it does have a great market to tap into.