I-RECALL: Private Surf - Daljit Singh, the creative director at the new-media shop Digit, checks out www.tmmy.co.uk

At first glance, I thought I was looking at the new Tiny Computers

website - the tmmy logo has a more than uncanny resemblance. However,

how far from the truth could I have been? This is the digital home for

Tmmy, a new pop sensation who loves veggie curries, speaks 12 languages,

is "gutsy" and would love to be a presenter on Pets in Practice (I'm

gonna be sick).

This surely can't be a real person. Well, it's not. Tmmy (what a stupid

name) is a virtual pop babe with a record deal and her debut single, You

Make My Day, was released at the end of May. Anyone bought it yet? You

can download an MP3 demo of it from the site - and I've got to say, she

sounds like Kylie.

The site has an interesting piece of navigation called the "digital

dial" on the homepage, but then totally fails because as soon as you

click one of the links you are given some rather uninspiring pop-up

boxes with very dull content.

The biggest problem is that the site is so impersonal. Apart from a

Sunday Times interview on the site, all of the copy is written in the

third person.

The copy itself is hardly inspiring; it seems to have been written by a

computer that cannot construct sentences beyond ten words. Although they

have used a professional singer to dub her voice on the pop promo, they

opted to use a computer-generated voice for her interview. Big


If she wasn't dull and cliched before, there is no escaping it after

listening to her biography, even with all those cute fluttering eyelids

and suggestive eyebrows.

Tmmy comes to us from the creators of Ananova - these characters are

designed to exist both on the web and TV. Tmmy (the character) is well

crafted but lacks any kind of personality or depth. If these qualities

are anything to go by, she should be a star.


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