I-RECALL: Private Surf - Laura James, the press director at New PHD, puts online Glamour under the spotlight

I liked Glamour and so had high hopes for the online version. It

wasn't disappointing - it does build well from the magazine format and

it's easy to use with no tedious log-in procedure.

Although it borrows most material from the mag, it provides enough

extras to be worth the visit.

The glamour-hungry Glamour reader is provided with excellent daily

celebrity gossip and beauty and fashion tips. Not the newest of concepts

with most glossy monthlies providing a similar service, but

glamourmagazine.co.uk seems to go that one step further - this is

serious 'itness'. Each link speaks to the discerning princess.

You can find out what you should be buying for the new season and where

to buy it, and not just shown a picture of what Posh and Stella are

wearing to the Ivy - again.

There are forums for discussion, allowing users to exchange beauty and

fashion tips and discuss issues raised in the articles. I responded to

the invite to 'Ask Natalie', but I received a polite response telling me

she was very busy.

I was a bit disappointed by the shopping area, hoping to see and buy the

must-have item of the day. Instead I was directed to the Conde Naste

site which I frankly couldn't be bothered with as it required

registration. I was tempted by Glamour Under the Hammer, but luckily the

Patrick Cox shoes were too small.

There weren't that many advertisers - I only saw French Connection, BT

and Imperial Leather. Not as glamorous as all that.

I liked Glamour more after doing the quiz. It told me I was a Gwyneth

Paltrow. Of course I answered honestly ...


Owner Conde Nast

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Launched 8 March 2001

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