I-RECALL: Web Watch - Lifestyle Sites

Rank  Site                  Address                  Latest monthly page

                                                   impressions (millions

1     FHM                   fhm.com                                 14.7

2     Uploaded              uploaded.com                             7.8

3     Vavo                  vavo.com                                 7.2

4     Maxim                 maxim-magazine.co.uk                     6.4

5     Handbag               handbag.com                              5.4

6     Vogue.com             vogue.co.uk                              3.0

7     BeMe                  beme.com                                 2.6

8     Gay.com               gay.com                                  2.5

9     Rainbow Network       rainbownetwork.com                       2.2

10    StudentUK             studentuk.com                            2.0

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It's neck-and-neck in this month's lifestyle web watch chart between the existing editorial brands and the pure dotcom names. Vavo and Uploaded have swapped chart positions - in the last chart in December, Vavo was more than two million page impressions ahead but since then the portal for silver surfers has fallen behind Loaded's online identity. The women's site Handbag has developed a significant lead over its nearest rival in the sector, Vogue.com, and the gay portals Rainbow Network and Gay.com are also very close contenders.