I-RECALL: Web Watch - News Sites

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1    BBC News Online            bbc.co.uk/news               100.0

2    FT.com                     ft.com                        39.0

3    CNN.com (Europe)           cnn.com                       27.3

4    Telegraph.co.uk            telegraph.co.uk               23.0

5    The Guardian               guardian.co.uk                22.1

6    World Online               worldonline.com               20.6

7    MegaStar                   megastar.co.uk                18.0

8    Ananova.com                ananova.com                   15.0

9    Times/Sunday Times         the-times.co.uk               12.5

10   ITN Online                 itn.co.uk                     11.0

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This week's leaders in the chart for news websites are all established market brands: BBC News, FT.com and CNN. The Guardian.co.uk replaces Guardian Unlimited as part of the network's new marketing strategy.

MegaStar, World Online and Ananova are pure dotcom brands which, despite their youth, came in ahead of The Times and ITN in terms of online traffic.