Idris Elba stars in Britvic-owned Purdey's 'Thrive on' campaign

Multivitamin drink Purdey's has teamed up with actor Idris Elba for the 'Thrive on' campaign, marking owner Britvic's biggest ever marketing investment in the brand.


The 2016 campaign for the energy drink will seek to celebrate and inspire people who pursue their dreams, with Elba deemed to encapsulate the notion of ‘Thrive on’. Britvic is using the actor to drive further brand awareness and boost sales.

The consumer campaign was created by Iris and will launch in April, when Elba will star in a series of short films about ‘thriving’, backed by outdoor and digital activity.

Elba is also known for his modelling, TV presenting, DJ-ing and producing. He is also increasingly lending his name and image to brands.

In November, he fronted a marketing campaign and gave his name to a menswear range for fashion brand Superdry; while in November 2014 he helped promote Jaguar's XE sports saloon.

Elba said: "I feel passionate about this partnership with Purdey’s because I’ve always been a strong believer that you’re in charge of your own destiny.

"Life is full of possibilities that are ours for the taking, and I’m looking forward to inspiring people to start thinking and acting in new ways, to really thrive, because no matter how far you get, there’s always more you can do."

Kevin McNair, Britvic’s GB marketing director, added: "We are very excited to be working with Idris Elba and launching Purdey’s new campaign ‘Thrive On’.

"As Idris embodies thriving, we considered him the ideal fit for the brand and to spearhead the new campaign which aims to inspire people to get more out of life."