Ikea "Change a bit for good" by Mother

Ikea and a hapless robot are calling on consumers to help save the planet by taking small measures to make the house a more eco-responsible environment.

The 60-second TV ad shows a well-intentioned WALL-E-style robot trying and failing to combat pollution. In the ad, he attempts to pick up plastic bags strewn across an urban riverbank before being short-circuited and losing his grip on the waste; he faces up to an approaching lorry at an emissions-belching industrial plant, before it runs over him, drenching him in mud; and he sucks up oil deposits from a polluted beach, before he realises despondently that the small vial of oil he has recovered barely makes a difference given the scale of contamination.

Depressed, he trudges back though the city streets, but is cheered on returning home to his robot family, who are doing their little bit for the environment with a sustainable makeover – for instance, repurposing a toy storage unit to grow vegetables and using recycled textiles. "Change a bit for good," says the voiceover. "Ikea. The wonderful everyday."

The work was directed by Ninian Doff through Pulse Films. Media was by Vizeum, while Hope & Glory PR and Rapp worked on various aspects of the campaign.