Ikea's Taskrabbit to launch in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester

Ikea-owned Gig economy platform, Taskrabbit, will be launching in three new UK cities, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.

Ikea's Taskrabbit to launch in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester

Taskrabbit will launch in Bristol tomorrow, Birmingham on 7 March and Manchester on 14 March.

Until now, Taskrabbit has only been available in London. This expansion follows Ikea's acquisition of the platform in September last year

Taskrabbit is part of a growing family of gig economy platforms that link consumers looking for services with "taskers" willing to bid for the work.

Last month, an Australian rival to Taskrabbit, Airtasker, announced plans to launch in London mid-March after raising AU$33m (£19m) from investors.

"We aim to add hundreds more Taskers from these three new regions who can earn meaningful incomes through our platform", Cornelia Raportaru, TaskRabbit country director, said.

To promote its launch, Taskrabbit has an introductory offer of £10 credit when clients sign-up using the code "WELCOME".

The platform is also working with key local influencers to produce content around the launches. The influencers will give TaskRabbit a try, and attend career fairs across the cities to introduce the platform to potential Taskers.