Paper: launched ahead of Facebook's 10th birthday
Paper: launched ahead of Facebook's 10th birthday
A view from Paul Armstrong and Darika Ahrens

IMterview: What is Facebook Paper and what will it mean for its raft of other apps?

Paul and Darika, the 'Trinny and Susannah' of digital marketing, look at the launch of Facebook's Paper ahead of the social network's ten year anniversary tomorrow.

So, Paul. Paper - tell me about it? What is it and why should we care?

Darika, 41 mins

It's ANOTHER app from the mighty big blue whale. Currently only available in the US, it strips back the user interface on the existing Facebook app for a [I’m going to say it] Flipboard-esque experience. Some nice features but overall feels like a bit of a pain for the consumer.

Paul, 40 mins


Darika, 38 mins

It's another app and confusingly doesn't do everything the main app does. In essence, it's a viewer with likes, shares and comments. You can post but it appears to be trickier than the original app. I like the UI but ultimately it bugs me to have two apps.

Paul, 37 mins

Surely the intention is that this app will replace the other Facebook app?

Darika, 36 mins

Totally. Facebook already has a raft of apps but this is Facebook newsfeed 2.0

Paul, 34 mins

For me, what’s exciting, is how Facebook is clearly cementing their relevancy and ability to keep people engaged via exciting tech in the face of talk that Facebook is in decline. They've leapfrogged over Instagram photo sharing to tackle the newsfeed – probably what they used all their Instagram devs for after they bought them.

Darika, 33 mins

For me it’s less a leap forward and more a test and learn operation to see if Paper could/will/can/ work for the Facebook user.

Paul, 31 mins

What do you think agencies will make of Paper?

Darika, 29 mins

I think agencies will be both happy and wary with Paper. Currently I haven’t seen a single piece of brand content on any of the promo materials. If that’s the case - and Paper is just for news - usage could flop or, alternatively, skyrocket! The latter would be worrying for brands/agencies who won’t be able to be part of it.

Paul, 27 mins

Given Facebook's recent earnings announcement showed huge revenues from mobile advertising I can almost guarantee you ads are coming to Paper. While agencies will use Paper as another case for brands to invest in Content Marketing, it’s imperative they first ensure they’re developing creative that's fit for purpose i.e. mobile ads & mobile apps like Paper - rather than just adapting their old display ads into a one-size fits all campaign

Darika, 24 mins

Agree - this is a notice of intent to the world from Facebook - pictures and engagement. It's time to invest in a designer.

Paul, 21 mins

Paul runs Digital Orange Consulting, helping brands and agencies gain fresh perspectives in their busy worlds about emerging technologies, platforms and the future. Darika Ahrens runs branding and marketing consultancy Grapevine Consulting.