IMterview - Native Advertising
A view from Paul Armstrong and Darika Ahrens

IMterview - Native Advertising

Paul and Darika, the 'Trinny and Susannah' of digital marketing, explore the rise of native advertising and all its implications.

Spotted this in Sunday' Observer Food Monthly.

Darika, 11:14 AM

Oh wow. That's pretty native for native advertising!

Paul, 11:18 AM

Yeah, so let's talk about native advertising.

Darika, 11:18 AM

How do you define Native Advertising? It's a bit of a puzzler for most people...

Paul, 11:19 AM

I think people are getting too caught up on the term - it's paid for content that looks and feels "native" to the media environment it appears in where the newness of native advertising comes from is all the new types of forms that are emerging; like Facebook promoted page posts and new types of "native ad units" on online publishing sites.

Darika, 11:22 AM

eConsultancy popped out an interesting addition - closed vs open native advertising. Closed is just using another platform, open being content that is created outside of a network but then distributed using them. So the big question... who's doing it well?

Paul, 11:24 AM

Aside - I think that Open / Closed thing unnecessarily complicates things but moving on... Gawker is light years ahead they set up Studio @ Gawker a number of years ago and have trialled and iterated to get it just right for their audiences. You might be surprised to know that Yahoo! video is heavily invested in this too (which makes me think Google might follow soon).

Darika, 11:26 AM

Interesting - Vice and Buzzfeed also do this sort of thing very well - Vice in particular do very integrated programmes across their channels and really maximise the content. Not for everyone but a good best practice/place to be inspired I think. It's still pretty early days in the UK for NA but generally we're learning from our pond cousins.

Paul, 11:29 AM

The leading brand, when it comes to content marketing, is Red Bull, people are pushing the definition 'native advertising' to extend to things like their Stratos space diving event. But I'd ask - what environment is this native to?

Darika, 11:31 AM

There's a lot of players out there - how do you do it well?

And are the results good? How are people measuring this? I heard the metric "Attention Minutes" the other day...

Paul, 11:34 AM

Anecdotally most publishers say that Native Ad Units massively outperform Display units...

Darika, 11:34 AM

Which is what your agency will tell you. The question is does it do anything or what does it do for brands beyond reach?

Paul, 11:36 AM

For me, the whole point of Content Marketing like Native Advertising is - does it provide value to the intended audience? I wrote about this in detail in 'How Content Marketing Works' for AdMap (Subscription needed). For any branded content to work ask first "how can I create content of value" not "how can I create content that will deliver value for the brand", and for everything else there's the IAB framework :). What do brands need to ask their agencies to do for them when it comes to native advertising?

Darika, 11:44 AM

I would be asking for a laser focus on who is being targeted and how that maps with the platforms being chosen. This is not spray and pray any more. It's time to think big but act small.

Paul, 11:44 AM

Paul runs Digital Orange Consulting, helping brands and agencies gain fresh perspectives in their busy worlds about emerging technologies, platforms and the future. Darika Ahrens runs branding and marketing consultancy Grapevine Consulting.