Independent moves to calm advertisers' anger at ad rate rise

The Independent has taken steps to ease problems with media agencies over hikes in its ad rates.

The title, now published only in a compact edition, increased rates in January on the back of circulation rises.

Some agencies reacted angrily to this and refused to take full-page ads in the compact edition, arguing that advertisers pay 70 per cent of the broadsheet rate for a space half the size in the compact.

However, Lawrie Procter, The Independent commercial director, said 80 per cent of top agencies had signed up to new deals after a series of meetings with press directors.

The majority of agencies are now dealing with The Independent and confusion has been removed now that 100 per cent of the title's circulation is compact.

The Independent had also hiked display ad prices by 12.5 per cent as its circulation rose on the back of the compact launch.

One agency source said that the newspaper had "moved a little" on its original price proposal but "not massively". Another said: "There are still issues to be resolved. They haven't got all the deals they'd like."