Independent website targets the US market

Independent Digital has launched a site for American web users called

Independent Digital has launched a site for American web users


The site offers British news and world news with a British perspective,

as well as ’Welcome to Britain’ listings.

The idea for the site stemmed from research into The Independent’s UK

site, which revealed that 20 per cent of traffic came from the US from

indigenous Americans as opposed to British expatriates.

The site is aimed at anglophiles, who are interested in Britain for

personal reasons, and business people who need an awareness of global


IndependenceAvenue is targeting UK advertisers that are keen to tap the

highly developed market of US internet users.

Categories include hotels, airlines, e-retailers and dotcoms such as

Lastminute. com that want to build a reputation in the US before getting

a share listing on Nasdaq.

The website carries banners for Waterstone’s Online,,

Men’s Health and, a skiing holiday specialist.

The banners are being sold by 24/7 Europe. Sponsorship and e-commerce

are handled by Richard Lee, Independent Digital’s sponsorship manager,

and his team of three.

Commercial and marketing director Paul Simon said: ’We are the first UK

newspaper to launch a US-specific brand that will provide a cost

effective audience for advertisers keen to build brand awareness in the


Simon has identified a global population of 40 million people in English

speaking countries who fit the model of the Independent reader, who is a

young, affluent, urban, well-travelled professional.

He claimed 70 per cent of IndependenceAvenue’s content will be provided

by Independent Digital or partners such as NetLondon, which provides the


Site content ranges from UK coverage of the US elections to the

interesting fact that there are two million more sheep in Wales than

there are people.

Simon claimed The Independent’s UK website attracts 125,000 users, who

make just less than two million page impressions each week, and hinted

that some significant commercial deals would be announced in the

imminent future.