Industry Partner of the Year

Industry Partner of the Year

Winner: Media Trust

Media Trust works with media and creative businesses to give charities, underrepresented communities and young people a stronger voice, while helping the media sector to be more responsible, responsive and representative.

In 2019, it directly engaged with 2,425 charities, 1,589 volunteers from more than 40 media businesses and 2,479 young people. It also organised 292 events in London and 26 other locations.

Last year was also all about digital and working with media businesses to help charities embrace digital transformation and innovation.

More than 50% of charities say they don’t have the digital skills/resources they need. So, in 2019, Media Trust partnered Google’s Digital Garage and Facebook Blueprint and received funding from the DCMS and the Marketing Trust to bridge the digital skills gap in the UK charity sector. 

Media Trust worked with industry partners to deliver face-to-face training to thousands of charities across the UK. It also offered charities the opportunity to be matched with a digital mentor from one of its media business partners. It launched an online digital skills resource hub, containing training materials, tips and case studies written by industry experts.

It also has an online matching platform where charities can post volunteering opportunities, and media businesses and professionals can find opportunities that match their skills, interest and availability.

As a result, Media Trust has seen thousands of charities develop stronger digital capabilities, allowing them to better tell their stories, share their impact and help the marginalised people and communities they serve to more fully participate in a digital world.


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