Inferno fools Potter-heads

When news reached Inferno last Friday that a group of Harry Potter fans visiting from the US had gathered for a convention outside its Covent Garden offices, the agency spied an opportunity that was too good to miss.

Having no doubt learned from previous research that "American", "Harry Potter fan" and "tourist" is the perfect trifecta of gullibility, Inferno sent down one of its staff to spread the news that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would make an appearance on its balcony.

Not wanting to disappoint, Inferno then dispatched client executive – and Potter lookalike – Dan Smith (pictured here wearing what are either ridiculous wizard glasses or standard attire for young agency folk) to greet the crowds, who met him with rapturous applause.

A spokeswoman for Inferno said that the agency eventually set straight the group of sceptics, who found it all very amusing. Some even asked for Smith’s autograph. The muggles.

[UPDATE: Campaign has since been told that Smith was also once asked to appear in a porn parody of Harry Potter called The Philosopher's Bone. He declined.]