Infographic: Dove viral sharing up 70-fold since 2006

Sharing of branded video has increased 50-fold since 2006, with Unilever's Dove "real beauty sketches" experiencing close to a 70-fold increase on the brand's most shared ad in 2006 compared to 2013.

Dove: branded ads for brand shared 6,000% more in 2013
Dove: branded ads for brand shared 6,000% more in 2013

The data, detailed in Unruly's newly launched Viral Spiral infographic, reveals Dove "evolution", which was the third most-shared ad in 2006, was shared 60,954 times in that year.

In comparison, Dove's "real beauty sketches" has achieved 4.24 million shares this year.

Shares of ads have also increased since last year, with a year-on-year increase of 52% for the top 10 most-shared ads, equalling nearly 10 million extra shares of the most-popular ad content in 2013.

Eight of the top 20 most-shared ads since 2006 were released in 2013, according to Unruly.

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