Initiative produces method to measure brand performance

Initiative is rolling out a new media planning system that measures the effectiveness of communications plans and the effectiveness of each chosen medium within the plan.

Called the Matrix Effect, it measures brand performance against set objectives and also records consumer responses to creative executions.

It involves detailed consumer research to find out which brand images stand out and result in product sales.

The Matrix Effect, using a large consumer panel, asks which consumers saw a brand message, where they saw it, how many times they saw it and whether the images consumers have of a brand are in line with that of the client.

Initiative's idea is that findings from this research can then be used to create the optimum communications plan for each product, based on consumer reactions to the creative and media mix.

The agency claims that the planning system is unique in measuring each component of the media plan as well as the total effect.

Sue Moseley, the managing director of Initiative Futures Worldwide, said: "Industry studies measuring, for example, advertising awareness, are still predominantly focused on TV ads and there is a good reason for this. Major problems arise when you want to identify the source of awareness across a number of communications channels."