Innocent Drinks teams up with HHCL/Red Cell

Innocent Drinks has appointed HHCL/Red Cell to work on its next creative advertising project.

But the drinks company, which was founded by the former BMP DDB account man Richard Reed, will continue to work with Fallon on future projects.

The agency helped launch the brand four years ago and produced the majority of its above-the-line campaigns. Innocent also worked with Albion to promote its second Fruitstock festival in August.

In 2003, the smoothie brand was the biggest in the UK, with year-on-year growth of 91 per cent. According to AC Nielsen Scantrack Total Market, the company holds a 41 per cent share of the smoothie and yoghurt drinks market. Innocent recently trialled a low-fat frozen yoghurt range designed to appeal to health-conscious ice-cream lovers.