Innocent partners Bompas & Parr for blue-themed cafe

Pop-up launches innocent's Bolt from the Blue variant.

Innocent: visitors can smell and hear 'blue'
Innocent: visitors can smell and hear 'blue'

Coca-Cola-owned Innocent is teaming up with Bompas & Parr to open a blue-themed pop-up to launch its Bolt from the Blue juice.

In response to members of the public challenging its choice to categorise the drink's colour as blue, Innocent is opening the "Definitely blue café" during 4-6 October.

At the Covent Garden activation, everything visitors eat and drink will be blue.

In addition, guests to the "blue-tinted world" can hear what blue sounds like from a blue phone booth, discover the scent of blue through sensory artwork and explore the "wall of blue-riosity" installation.

The pop-up is free to attend, with tables available on a first come, first serve basis. Those with a table will receive a token that can be redeemed for a drink and a treat.

Harry Parr said: "It’s a shame when some people can’t simply appreciate the joy of a good colour blue without having to argue about it – you might say they really blue their chance. But the 'Definitely blue café' is an opportunity to undergo a multisensory journey into blueness so that everyone can realise when something is definitely blue."