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Apart from boosting its digital portfolio, Dennis wants to push into new areas via the Enterprise division, Ian Westwood writes.

2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Dennis Publishing. No single year is ever the same and, so far, 2013 has proved to be anything but ordinary. We have continued to launch, acquire and innovate, but we’ve also learned to push every content and commercial boundary further than ever before.

Recent highlights include the launch of Cyclist, which, after eight issues, has already exceeded our expectations and has been well-received by advertisers and the cycling industry. We also bought Computer Active, the biggest acquisition in Dennis’ history and one that cements our position as the most influential technology publisher in the country.

We posted a record performance in our digital publishing business last year, with revenues up 25 per cent year on year and traffic increases across the majority of our portfolio. Standout performers have been our automotive website CarBuyer, visits to which grew 273 per cent year on year, and the technology site Expert Reviews, which now boasts more than four million monthly unique users.

We’ve learned an awful lot about apps, working incredibly hard to push our brands on to multiple devices and focusing on scalability and sustainability. Our digital edition roll-out of The Week has been transformational, with more than 20,000 digital subscribers now signed up to the award-winning app.

We’ve also been busy building the business outside of our core publishing activities through the Enterprise division – where we’ve launched Adnostic, a digital ad production agency, and invested in the start-ups Contentment, MotorMutt and TablePouncer.

We’re looking to accelerate our push into new areas with a firmer focus on improving our content, our publishing technology and the discoverability of what we are producing – while keeping an eye out for opportunity and having fun along the way.

Last year, we received a record 27 award nominations and took home the Professional Publishers Association’s Consumer Magazine of the Year for The Week. Our challenge this year is to do even better.

Ian Westwood is the group managing director at Dennis Publishing

Jullian LLoyd-Evans

Julian Lloyd-Evans Managing director of advertising

Tenure: Since January 1996. Responsibilities: I manage all the media and commercial teams. What gets you up in the morning? Apart from my daughters, it is working with my team and our clients – I’m genuinely happy to work in such an interesting industry. Loves: Family, still playing football (just), reading and limbo.

Martin Belson Managing director, Enterprise

Tenure: Six years. Responsibilities: I’m dedicated to opportunities outside of our traditional revenue streams. What gets you up in the morning? Family all asleep. No two days are the same at Dennis, so a new opportunity every day. Loves: My wife and two girls, Northampton Saints, Manchester United and a great bottle of wine.
im Dalton

Tim Danton Deputy managing director and editorial director, technology division 

Tenure: 14 years. I must like the coffee. Responsibilities: I have particular responsibility for our three business-to-business brands – Cloud Pro, IT Pro and PC Pro. What gets you up in the morning? Three young children who don’t understand the concept of a lie-in. Loves: Cycling around the Chilterns, reading Roald Dahl novels to my kids and playing with the latest tech gadgets when they hit the office.