Inside...Bauer Media

Commercial and editorial teams at Bauer are encouraged to collaborate to get the most for their brands, Karen Stacey writes.

Sitting down to write this article, I realised what an eclectic mix of people we have behind the brands at Bauer Media. With brands such as Heat, Closer, Grazia, Empire and Q, where else would you hear conversations about the autumn/winter 2013 collection and the latest release from Thirty Seconds to Mars yards away from each other?

Our portfolio reaches more than 20 million people a week across multiple platforms, and there is never a dull moment. At Endeavour House, our commercial team consists of 180 people, all sat together on the second floor of the open-plan office, and our content-led hub, Bauer Access, works on joining up our brands on specific projects for commercial partners.

This client-facing team is looking to create something different by gaining access to our insight to produce new solutions. Clare Chamberlain, the sales director, London lifestyle, Derek Hewitt, the sales director, radio, and I meet regularly to discuss our progress and ways to drive the business forward in this ever-changing marketplace.

Interestingly, one of the busiest places at Bauer is the staircase between floors one and four. The old descriptor that was "church and state" disappeared from Bauer long ago, and it is actively encouraged for both commercial and editorial teams to work together alongside the central marketing and insight team, led by Anne-Marie Lavan. One person often running down the stairs in her platforms is Lucy Banks, our executive creative director.

To date, we are most proud of our GoThinkBig digital platform, created by O2, Zenith-Optimedia and ourselves. This initiative has become the go-to place for young people to get advice on how to get into work and, most importantly, it offers work experiences. The idea was borne out of insight and driven by a team of editorial experts at Bauer.

The GTB team is based at Mappin House, our home to radio and Box TV (our joint venture with Channel 4). Where else would you find brands such as Magic 105.4, Kiss, Planet Rock and Kerrang living in harmony? It goes to show that variety really is the spice of life.

Karen Stacey is the broadcast sales director at Bauer Media


Lucie Cave editor-in-chief, Heat

Tenure: Ten years (which included a part in Ant & Dec’s movie and playing football with Robbie Williams).
Responsibilities: Overseeing content and strategy across the Heat portfolio.
What gets you up in the morning? Yoga, on the odd occasion I’m feeling extra motivated.
Loves: Fake tan, tequila, festivals and my fiancé, Ben (not in that order).

Lucy Banks executive creative director, Bauer Media

Tenure: Just over two years.
Responsibilities: Hybrid editorial/brand/partnerships role.
What gets you up in the morning? Rather irritatingly, my insomniac children. Or a terrible hangover. Sometimes, most hideously, both.
Loves: Cucumber Martinis, antique jewellery, inappropriate clothes and working with clever people.).

Andy Roberts group programme director, Kiss UK

Tenure: Team Bauer since the beginning as a small child.
Responsibilities: Everything Kiss and other "projects".
What gets you up in the morning? The Kiss Breakfast show, of course.
Loves: Building stuff that audiences might like, geeky technology stuff and, currently, the food at Dishoom.