The company's digital focus has ensured growth in its portfolio and success with the FuturePlus venture, James Ranson writes.

The past three years have seen huge transformation at Future. From a publishing group steeped in print brands to an international leader in digital publishing – with 50 million unique users a month online and more than three million digital editions sold using our app creation software FutureFolio.

Our brands range from Xbox 360 to Cycling Plus, from T3 to Guitar World.

Future’s commercial operation spans four offices across the UK, the US and Australia and involves more than 150 individuals. We offer opportunities from the display advertising buys across print, online, mobile and tablet to innovative, large-scale native advertising programmes and custom publishing pieces.

Digital is at the heart of the business: from trading operations and creative solutions provision to affiliate programmes and tablets.

We adopted a "digital first" philosophy long ago and are now reaping the rewards through significant growth and an array of partners who want to come with us on this journey.

The London sales office is a microcosm of this momentum, and the balancing act is always about how we meet the demands of clients and agencies for tailored solutions without losing focus on our main portfolios.

FuturePlus is our award-winning customer publishing agency. It develops creative, targeted solutions for branded content across multiple platforms. We believe that great creative content comes from powerful, channel-neutral, strategic thinking – which is why FuturePlus has one of the highest proportions of digital business in the industry.

Key content partners include O2, Tesco, Best Buy, Coats & Clark, GMB, Canon and Odeon.

Agencies are a priority for us, ensuring we have the right trading relationships and respecting their position in the value chain. However, we also pay a lot of attention to our clients directly. Clear rules of engagement keep the decision-making paths unmuddied. And I believe that we can add greater meaning to the value chain and produce better, more effective opportunities through the deepest understanding of our partners’ businesses.

James Ranson is the London ad sales director at Future