The Insider's Guide to Cannes: Cannes quiz

What's the best place for fish in Cannes? And what drink should you order at the Carlton Terrace?

1. What is the real name of what has become known as the Gutter Bar, inexplicably one of the most popular drinking establishments during Cannes week?

2. How much did Emap pay Roger Hatchuel to buy the International Advertising Festival in 2004?

3. How much is a delegate's pass?

4. (Pic) Who are these two lovely ladies?

5. What drink must you order at the Carlton Terrace?

6. What should you order if you're lucky enough to go to La Colombe D'Or?

7. How much should you expect to pay per head for a bells-and-whistles meal at the Chateau de la Chevre d'Or in Eze?

8. How much does it cost to take a helicopter from Nice airport to Cannes?

9. How much does it cost to get a taxi from Nice airport to Cannes?

10. (Pic) Where is John Hunt, the president of the Cannes jury, from?

11. Which is the best restaurant for fish?

12. Who has been the most controversial president of the Cannes jury of all time?

13. Which city hosted the festival before Cannes?

14. How long, by boat, does it take to get to St Tropez (a nice day trip if you fancy lunch at Club 55)?

15. Which festivals will the city of Cannes host the week after the advertising festival?

16. How much use is a credit card at the Eden Roc restaurant near Antibes?

17. What should you do if you need the loo while drinking at the Gutter Bar?

18. (Pic) Over what did the former owner of the festival Roger Hatchuel fall out with his son, Romain?

19. Where is the most glamorous place to take a dip?

20. Who won the first Titanium Lion?


1. 72 Croisette 2. £52.5 million 3. EUR2,093 4. Mother and daughter act, happy to offer photo opportunities to delegates 5. Kir Royale 6. Crudites to start and the Loup de Mer for main course 7. £500 8. About EUR80 9. About EUR80 10. South Africa 11. Antibes' Bacon 12. Frank Lowe. In 1995, no Grand Prix was awarded when he was president of the jury. Lowe Howard-Spink, however, was Agency of the Year 13. Venice. This is why the awards given out are lions - they're inspired by the Lions in St Mark's Square 14. Two hours 15. Golf and antiquity 16. None. It's a cash-only venue. To keep hoi polloi out, you understand. 17. Cross the road and go to The Martinez 18. Moving the festival headquarters from London to Paris. 19. The pool at The Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, Antibes. Cut into a cliff face, the views from this landmark of the Riviera are unbeatable and there's a spectacular diving board. 20. BMW's short films by Fallon in 2003.