The Insider's Guide to Cannes: Cannes in quotes

The advertising festival always draws plenty of comment, some wise, some witty ...


- Neil French, the worldwide creative director at Ogilvy & Mather, threatens to boycott Cannes because of the crackdown on scam ads: "I think it is disgusting. By nature, it focuses the jury on witch-hunting rather than looking for good work. By doing this, they exclude small agencies and you don't even know if you have been excluded." (Campaign, 24 Jan, 02)

- Roger Hatchuel, the chairman of the International Advertising Festival, on 1995, when the Cannes jury chairman, Frank Lowe, was booed off stage after no Grand Prix was awarded and Lowe Howard-Spink won Agency of the Year: "I have never seen anyone so lacking in generosity towards the work of other agencies in his own country. It was the UK that really suffered that year." Lowe himself was a "Jekyll and Hyde character". (Ad Age, 9 June, 03)

- Mark Wnek, then the joint chairman of Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper: "If you're doing well, take people there and say: 'Hey. Enjoy yourself.' But if you've fired people and then go to Cannes, you've got to examine your soul." (Campaign, 16 June , 03)


- Bernard Petit, the chief executive of Videotheque Paris: "If the industry needs something at the moment, it is respect and credibility. Key clients' presence at the festival will favour the renaissance of a real dialogue between peers, not the current master/slave or nerd/artist caricatures we read in the press." (Ad Age, 14 June, 04)

- An un-named industry observer: "I don't think they're just here to spoil the fun. In fact, I think they expect a bit of raucous behaviour from a bunch of art directors getting pissed in the sun. Besides, creatives are not as naughty as people like to think we are." (Campaign, 11 June, 04)

- Jim Thornton, the executive creative director of Leo Burnett: "Anything that encourages dialogue between creatives and the people whose business problems they're trying to solve is a good thing. They are realising that advertising can make the difference between the success and failure of their business - that it's how you say it rather than what you say." (Campaign, 2 July, 04)


"It felt like I was falling in love."

- Alexander Schmidt-Vogel, MediaCom's global chief executive, on judging the 2004 Media Lions Grand Prix winner, OMD Santiago's "force is with Cristal Beer" campaign. (Campaign, 2 July, 04)

- Maurizio Sala, the vice-president and creative director at Armando Testa in Milan, on the Grand Prix winner PlayStation "mountain": "It's fantastic. It's much more than a commercial, it's an art form. It's a metaphor for many things. It's interesting because it's simple to understand, but it's also very deep." (Campaign, 28 May, 04)

- Trevor Beattie, founder, Beattie MCGuinness Bungay: "Don't expect to win anything. Unless a) your commercial features a small performing animal, a footballer performing an overhead kick, a man falling from a great height, or b) you're Frank Budgen." (Campaign, 21 June, 02)

- Robert Campbell, then a creative partner at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe: "Americans are all willing consumers, so advertisers don't have to try so hard to reach them. The overall UK output tends to be more sophisticated because the English hate buying - which can either mean UK advertising is really good or it's so clever it's disappearing up its own backside." (Campaign, 24 July, 98)


- Jaspar Shelbourne, the European creative director at JWT in London: "It's not quite true to say that the Brits are always the ones propping up the bar. In fact, they tend to divide into two camps: the ones propping up the bar, and the beautiful people staying in remote villas up in the hills." (Campaign, 11 June, 04)

- Ami Hasan, of Hasan & Partners in Helsinki: "You can spot a Swedish creative director by the fact that he dresses like a rock star and is surrounded by a bunch of tall gorgeous blondes - who are mostly his office secretaries. The Finnish and the Norwegians can be found in a bar getting drunk enough to try to pick up the Swedish secretaries." (Campaign, 11 June, 04)

- Dave Droga, the worldwide creative director of Publicis: For 51 weeks of the year, we are beaten up, and for this one week of the year we beat ourselves up out of choice. The fun is out of control." (Campaign, 16 June, 03).