Inspired by greatness
A view from Claire Beale

Inspired by greatness

It feels right to kick off the new Marketing with a fresh focus on new talent and techniques. I've spent a lot of time with the industry's rising stars over the past few weeks, and have almost always come away fired up by their openness, ambition and guts.

As you'd expect, tomorrow's CMOs have an amazing appetite for using new approaches and technologies to push marketing to the heart of the corporate agenda. And with perfect timing, The Marketing Society's annual shortlist of the best marketing leaders is also a great reminder of excellence from the past year: those marketers who have taken risks and explored new creative territory and technology to drive growth for their brands. Don't forget to cast your vote. These are the stars - today's and tomorrow's - leading marketing work beyond a functional discipline to root it as a fundamental platform on which successful businesses are built. As Will Harris writes, now everything is marketing.

Spencer Stuart's Grant Duncan nails it when he argues that: "The modern marketer must avoid being parochial and isolated and instead gain exposure to a wide array of different functions, business challenges, product categories and geographies."

We will develop these themes over the coming months, exploring the role marketing plays in building businesses, and celebrating those who continually push beyond the safe and the bland. We want more companies to echo O2 CEO Ronan Dunne's philosophy: "Your brand should lead your company, rather than your company lead your brand." And we want more marketers to be equipped and confident enough to make that happen.

On, we are streamlining our approach into three core channels: Knowledge, Craft and Careers. They are the tenets that will also infuse our magazine and tablet edition with the best learnings and the pinnacle of creative marketing communications. Sir John Hegarty curates our Craft section here, showcasing inspiring work and reminding us that brilliant creativity is integral to growth.

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