Instagram star David Lopez warns influencers to watch their step

Lopez shares his tips for brands and other influencers.

Fast Facts

Online comedic skits.
Facebook: 1.9 million followers; Instagram: 1.1 million followers; YouTube: 464,000 subscribers, 29 million views; Twitter: 74,000 followers
Ages: 18-34; Female: 50%; Male: 50%
HP, Jack in the Box, Axe, Tylenol, Disney, Amazon, National Peanut Board
Instagram - @DavidLopezFilms

What is your approach to working with brands? Listening to what they have to say, seeing what direction they are trying to go, and then just implementing my style. If it’s comedy, I try to work with a brand on the point they are trying to bring across, but I’m also trying to make it organic to my audience.

What is your biggest challenge as an influencer? Constantly creating content; coming up with new, fresh ideas; being original; and continually making people laugh. Coming up with so many ideas sometimes takes its toll.

What’s your advice to brands that use social media influencers in their marketing?
Work with them on what’s organic to the actual influencer. If you try to tell them to do it like this and it’s not organic to their profile, their audience won’t react well.

How did you come up with the peanut art gallery idea for the National Peanut Board’s Shell Out campaign?
I work with [social media talent agency] Niche and they introduced me to the National Peanut Board campaign. I wanted to take part because it seemed funny, I like peanuts, and it was a cool combination of things. I saw the other ideas and the direction they wanted to go and came up with something that made sense for them and was good for my audience.

Who is your favorite influencer and why?
On YouTube, I watch a lot of comic book stuff. I like How it Should Have Ended and Emergency Awesome.

What are the biggest social media faux pas?
Not being sensitive to what’s going on in the world. I try to keep it simple, comic, and family friendly. I don’t try to talk about anything else. Once you try to be a spokesman for something you can really make a mistake. And if you go past the family friendly brands might not work with you, because you’re not making content that is suitable for everyone. [Pewdiepie and James Charles show influencers need to] watch what they say and do. We are influencing people, but we also have to be careful.