INTEGRATED: INTEGRATED AUDIT; Euro RSCG avoids ‘integrated’ label, preferring to specialise

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper’s most integrated business is its pounds 7m Microsoft task, as Robert Dwek finds out

Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper’s most integrated business is its pounds 7m

Microsoft task, as Robert Dwek finds out

Chris Pinnington, the managing director of Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, likes

the phrase ‘state of the art’, and uses it several times when discussing

his agency’s approach to integrated communications. But despite this, he

falls firmly into the steady-as-she-goes camp rather than the one

populated by missionary zealots.

‘What Euro offers is not ‘3D’ marketing or anything like that, it’s

simply saying that if clients want a totally co-ordinated service then

we can bring in a specialist company that is very good at performing

that particular skill,’he says.

The allusion to Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury is telling. Pinnington

thinks HHCL ‘got very missionary’ about the whole integrated thing, but

he argues that this is not what clients want. ‘Very large clients want

specialists to perform all their various marketing communications needs.

If you try to be a jack of all trades you’re in danger of not having

state-of-the-art people able to satisfy all these demands.’ He believes

there are ‘relatively few’ clients who are happy to delegate everything

to one agency, and indeed there is no one Euro client that uses all the

sister agencies. ‘We would always seek to tailor rather than try to be a

one-stop shop.’

Despite their different philosophies, HHCL and Euro have some

similarities. For example, HHCL makes much of its multi-disciplinary

account groups and fee system, but Euro has also used these techniques.

Its most integrated account, Microsoft, was won by setting up a core

team of above- and below-the-line specialists, and all work for this

client is carried out on a fee basis.

Indeed, the fact that Euro won the very prestigious, pounds 7 million

Microsoft account in 1994 (after Ogilvy and Mather resigned it to take

on IBM) would appear to prove Pinnington’s assertion that clients aren’t

interested in radical new agency philosophies. Microsoft went out of its

way to stress that it wanted a ‘communications solutions’ agency and,

certainly, it had strong views on the subject. But it appeared to regard

the official philosophising as its domain, rather than the agency’s.

In the event, Euro pitched alongside its direct marketing sister, Evans

Hunt Scott, and beat off ten other agencies, including Bartle Bogle

Hegarty and BMP DDB Needham. Terry Hunt, executive creative director of

Evans Hunt Scott, agrees with Pinnington that the key is to find ‘a way

of bringing together different agencies to work in very close co-

operation but having quite clear demarcations between who does what’.

‘You get co-ordination, but equally you get people who are excellent in

their own field who concentrate on and champion that discipline. If you

try to roll it all into one agency the danger is there will always be a

dominant culture that tends to skew the budget allocation.’ He adds that

effective integration does not necessarily need to come from within one

company - witness Evans Hunt Scott’s award-winning Tesco Clubcard work

which complements Lowe Howard-Spink’s advertising - but it can make

things ‘run more smoothly’. Nevertheless, it took ‘a while’ for Evans

Hunt Scott to feel fully integrated within the Euro group after joining

in 1991.

Evans Hunt Scott also works ‘very closely’ with Euro RSCG’s sister ad

agency, WCRS, on the BMW and Radio Rentals accounts. But unlike

Microsoft, it did not pitch for them on an equal footing with the ad

agency. ‘If Euro hadn’t shown that it could handle the direct marketing

side of things, it wouldn’t have won the [Microsoft] business,’ Hunt


Sean Orpen, Microsoft UK’s director of marketing services, comments: ‘In

the IT industry there is a steep learning curve, which is a big

challenge for a new agency, but it seems to have done a good job.’

Although the UK launch for Windows 95 featured TV ads by the US hotshop,

Wieden and Kennedy, Euro and Evans Hunt Scott were heavily involved in

business-to-business marketing and press, posters, direct mail and DRTV.

And Euro’s media buyer, Mediastar, generated enormous attention for the

brand by buying up an entire print run of the Times.

Adrian Simons, who heads the Microsoft account at Euro, says the

campaign ‘achieved all its objectives and targets’. He rejects criticism

that it was essentially a very traditional, big-budget, TV-dominated


‘The majority of the public wouldn’t have seen all the work that we did

in terms of mailings and business to business. It was very consciously a

two-pronged campaign, saying different things to the different

audiences.’ And he notes that the direct-response element was

sufficiently strong to generate more than 50,000 inquiries within three

months. So how much did this owe to Euro’s integrated strategy? ‘It

wouldn’t have been the success it was without it,’ he claims.

Euro’s sales promotion arm, KLP, has not been involved with Microsoft

but it does a great deal on the even larger Peugeot account. Iain

Ferguson, KLP’s chief executive, says the current campaign for the new

Peugeot 406 owes a lot to the group’s integration strategy.

The TV ads feature the M People song, Search for the Hero, but this is

not a normal licensing deal. The music will be tied into other 406

marketing communications activity and is part of what Ferguson considers

a pioneering approach to partnership marketing with music companies.

‘We’ve been working on music properties for the past five years now,’ he

says. ‘We believe music offers huge, untapped opportunities to reach

people in very new and interesting ways.’

Ferguson exhibits his colleague’s lack of zeal when discussing

integration, and has no qualms about pointing out well-integrated

accounts (the Observer with St Luke’s and Allied Domecq with K

Advertising) that KLP shares with outside agencies. ‘Integration under

one roof is not a defining difference, although it can save time. It

takes time to find a set of work practices that suit everybody, and some

clients may understandably want to go to an agency where these are

already in place.’

Peugeot is one such client, and, by the sounds of it, a satisfied

customer. ‘It’s important that everything we do is fully integrated,’

Peugeot’s advertising manager, Andrew Didlick, says. ‘It ensures we get

continuity. We do use other agencies, but there’s no doubt about it: by

having KLP, Euro RSCG and Mediastar all working together, it’s got to be

beneficial for us.’


Key accounts


Advertiser   Ads   Sales    Media    Sales     DM    PR    Design

                 promotion  buying  training

Microsoft    Yes    Yes      Yes      Yes      No    No    No

        Mediastar pulled off a media buying coup with the launch of

        Windows 95 by sponsoring an entire print run of the Times

Peugeot       Yes   Yes      Yes      No       No    No    No

        The just-launched 406 has benefited from heavy sales

        promotion activity running alongside the advertising

Philips       Yes   Yes      Yes      Yes      No    No    No

        A worldwide win a year ago, Euro has been busy pushing

        and integrating the new ‘let’s make things better’ slogan

Air UK        Yes   No       Yes      No       Yes   No    Yes

        A five-year-old account, Air UK is now stepping up its battle

        for credibility against more established rivals

Lakeside      Yes   No       Yes      No       Yes   No    No

        With a pounds 2m spend, the Thurrock shopping centre has used

        Euro’s services for the past two years

Muscadet      Yes   No       No       No       No    Yes   No

        A very seasonal account, where PR is the dominant player



Group companies


Euro RSCG                 advertising

WCRS                      advertising

Evans Hunt Scott          direct marketing

Euro RSCG Direct          direct marketing

KLP                       sales promotion

Biss Lancaster            PR

CGI                       corporate designs

Conran Design             design

Greenwood Tighe           regional PR

Motivforce                motivational training

Eros                      promotional fulfilment

Mediastar                 media

TML                       telemarketing

WCRS Healthcare           healthcare marketing