Swallows are aswoop through hill and dale and sleepy old Soho is alive with the stench of second-hand beer and the bleating of bemused foreign football fans.

Swallows are aswoop through hill and dale and sleepy old Soho is alive

with the stench of second-hand beer and the bleating of bemused foreign

football fans.

Yes, summer has arrived. I know this because Dave, our resident dosser,

belches the words ‘fekin’ ’ot’ every time we pass him. And the rakish

Harding has a pair of ungainly shorts clinging to his legs like an

adoring infant.

Also, our asthmatic old air-con has finally wheezed its last. Fights are

breaking out. Seasonal Affective Disorder is rife and, as anyone who has

ever worked with us will testify, we are all about as SAD as you can

get. So, forgive our testiness, and on the principle that this month of

all months we know what’s hot and what’s not, here are our musings on

recent work.


Long have we lurked in the marketing undergrowth awaiting an opportunity

to bludgeon those brigands from Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury. Long have

we harboured the suspicion that, for all its talk of integration, it was

just an agency with a sales gimmick.

So damn and damn again, for here is an imaginative and fully integrated

campaign. HHCL has understood for some time that PR, not DM or SP is the

most powerful of integrated tools - witness how it managed to own

integration before it had actually done an integrated campaign - and

here again it uses it to great effect. But, to be honest, it’s the best

part of the campaign. The idea? Well, it’s brash. It takes the 70s’

notion, ‘be like the beautiful people in the ad’, and parodies it.

Vanity is an unusual thing to try to own. And in the opinion of these

two hogs, if people are already uncomfortable ordering Martini, this is

only going to make things worse. To wheel out a handy old phrase, we

were shaken, but not stirred.

Harding doesn’t like the next one. In fact, he’s so flustered he’s gone

off to crank up his Mac and explore Compaq’s Website. ‘Costs less than

cheaper computers’ is a stonking line and the long copy ad, while

uninviting, is full of interesting little facts. But the mailer, the

other ads and the rest of the weird stuff lack any meaty support for the

proposition. This campaign makes a statement not an argument.

BT. Yes, it’s quite sweet. But it’s a bit low key. If BT will buy Abbott

Mead Vicker’s ‘swimming pool’ commercial, with nymphets lounging around

a bidet in a stoned stupor while a chap burbles lovingly down the phone

from his local baths, surely it’s possible to do something a little more

funky, especially for the student market.

Still, it’s a damn sight better than the same client will get placing

its pounds 20 million direct marketing account with our colonial

cousins. ‘So much for being British,’ Harding mutters.

And on that controversial, nay xenophobic, note, we bid you a fond


Ian Harding and Shaun McIlrath are joint creative directors at Impact



Agency: O&M Direct

Client: BT

Objective: Encourage first year Edinburgh university students to apply

for a BT chargecard (a test prior to a national roll out next autumn)

Account handling: Miranda Goodenough, Helen Richards, Andy Jones

Copywriter: Josh Haines

Art director: Andy Kelleher

Creative director: Steve Harrison

Printer: Alpine Press


Agency: Bates Dorland

Client: Compaq

Objective: Encourage business buyers to consider the long-term costs of

owning a computer rather than just its initial purchase price.

Account handling: Andy Bryant, Fiona Carter, Michael Abbott

Copywriter: Richard Russell

Art director: Carl Le Blond

Creative directors: Richard Russell, Carl Le Blond

Printer: SMP Screen


Agency: Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury

Client: Martini

Objective: Bring Martini’s image up to date and get people involved in

the brand

Project team: Ian Priest, Jon Leach, Al Young, Trevor Robinson, Emma Jenks, Alex Gulland