Intel ditches PC component image with 'Experience amazing' platform

Intel has unveiled a new brand campaign using the slogan 'Experience amazing' and featuring content produced by an array of YouTubers, designers, artists and choreographers.

Intel is using the platform to move its image from that of a mere ‘chip’ and PC component manufacturer to a company whose technology allows people to create experiences in music, sports, fashion, entertainment and gaming.

The firm, which has created a campaign hub where consumers can view various content, has used the observation that more and more consumers are choosing "experiences over products" to inform its new marketing approach.

For instance, designer duo Ezra+Tuba have been brought onboard by Intel to examine what might be the next revolution in fashion, while YouTube star Kawehi ‘reimagines’ Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 using her laptop powered by Intel’s best processor.

Other initiatives flagged up in the digital campaign include digital dance performances from choreographers Rich + Tone, using RealSense cameras, and Nobumichi Asahi’s work to change faces into "revolutionary canvases".