INTERACTIVE: Interactive gallery reviewed by dominic beardsworth and john parkin

Interactive gallery reviewed by dominic beardsworth and john parkin

Interactive gallery reviewed by dominic beardsworth and john parkin


Tight latex-covered torsos in the bright Californian sun? Not here, I’m

afraid. Try this instead: ‘This revolutionary fabric is 2.6 times more

opaque than conventional swimwear and has special star-shaped polyester


Many brands are fumbling around wondering what their function is on the

Net. Perhaps this is the problem here.

The general bits are more interesting such as the section on swimming

techniques and another on swimming in the Olympics. However, this feels

like it might be rather Speedo-focused: ‘Count the gold medals won by

swimmers wearing Aquablade.’ Oh dear.

Client Mark Hammersley, president, Speedo International

Brief Create a content-rich, easily navigable site to build Speedo’s brand identity and develop a dialogue with existing and potential


Developed by Kevin Kendall, Pentland Interactive

Created by Andrew Doe, Delphi Creative

Creative team Chris Mitchell (Pentland), Graham Ruffell, Louis Abel,

Mick Zamarioni (Delphi Creative)


UK Events Inline

Though the name might suggest it, this isn’t an index of gigs or live

forums. It’s a national events listings guide, and it does seem

amazingly comprehensive. We put this and the Time Out Net head-to-head

on cinema listings for Smoke. UK Events Online won, giving full listings

with the performance times. Time Out just gave phone numbers for the

cinemas, but did have in-depth reviews.

What bothered us was the whole design and feel of the site. It’s

professional and works well, but it’s so... well... Radio 2, all bright

colours and twee images. Then again, Radio 2 is popular, so maybe

they’re going for a broader national audience. Or perhaps it’s just that

- in London at least - we like our events guides with a bit more


Client Netlink Internet Services

Brief Provide an up-to-date events service around the UK

Created by Mark Hewiss

Scripted by Christiaan Keet

Graphics Paul O’Sullivan, Berhard Kotzenberg and Peter Woodford


Yellow Pages

Yell is an information service from Yellow Pages. Can you see J. R.

Hartley sitting there saying: ‘Yo, catch this wicked fly-fishing site,

dude’? But it isn’t the Yellow Pages on the Net (we wanted to see a

plumber’s homepage, but no joy).

Once Yellow Pages is forgotten and you use it for its hot lists of

recommended UK sites, it is terrific. We found loads of great sites and

it’s a neat idea to tell you whether sites are new. It lives up to its

laudable function and we’ll use it again.

Maybe J. R. Hartley is more suited to the Net than we thought: ‘It’s all

about your wrist-action, young man.’

Client Kate Garrett, new product development manager, new-media

services, Yellow Pages

Brief Develop a site (including a Web directory) that positions Yell

from Yellow Pages as the key jumping off point into the UK Web

Created by CHBi interactive media



This is a comprehensive guide to the Euro ’96 football championships

with a very different feel to it than the Speedo Olympics guide.

We’re more confident about the quality and depth of coverage because of

the Guardian’s involvement. Vauxhall doesn’t interfere at all, being as

unobtrusive as the hoardings at the side of the pitch. The difference is

that you can’t click on the Vauxhall logo on those hoardings and be

taken to a site telling you about all the cars.

Of course, the site can’t replace watching telly (not with existing

technology anyway). But it’s like having the guide that you get in the

papers at the beginning of the championships to the teams, players and

venues - only this one is much bigger - and having it there as the news

comes in each day.

Grab a beer and switch this on between the games.

Client Matthew Timms, multimedia manager, Vauxhall, and Frank Dietz,


Brief Create a pan-European football site that promotes Opel and

Vauxhall’s sponsorship of Euro ’96

Created and designed by The Guardian’s New Media Lab and Lowe Howard-




This lot are just showing off. Like Net sites, many CD-Roms regard it as

important to be clear about how their experience - whatever it is -

works, so that it’s easy to get around and know where you are, and it’s

usually fairly obvious how everything works.

True to its name, AntiRom throws out the rules and leaves you to wander

around trying to work out what’s going on. It’s hit-and-miss discovery,

but with cool content. In one section you see a still holiday photo of

a young boy. Except his finger is wagging. You click anywhere and you

get the first line of his story. Then you keep clicking to read the

whole story.

It’s charming and fun. The twist is that, if you use this long enough to

ever come back to this photo, it tells a different story. Like we said -


Client Arts Council funded

Brief Purely experimental, looking at formal approaches to interaction

Created by AntiRom

Designers AntiRom (graphics and systems)

Address CD-Rom

Dominic Beardsworth and John Parkin are creatives at Howell Henry

Chaldecott Lury

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