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Alun Howell is a creative group head at Ogilvy and Mather

Alun Howell is a creative group head at Ogilvy and Mather

Dewar’s Whisky

This is an excellent site. The superb graphics and strong bold type

serve a clear overall idea, which centres on a Mickey Spillane-type

detective theme - you navigate around the site and, by solving certain

mysteries, try to find the eccentric Tommy Dewar.

The site uses ‘frames’ cleverly and the animation is technically

excellent. There is a plethora of icons to choose from, and each one has

something interesting behind it - with exquisite little touches like the

crumbly newspaper. It takes time and perseverance to enjoy the site to

its full, but as Tommy says in one of his Dewarisms: ‘Patience is the

great shock absorber of our times.’ Which is kind of appropriate for the


Client Nicholas Morgan, brands development manager, United Distillers

Brief Raise people’s awareness of the Dewar’s brand in a way that is

relevant and entertaining. Dewar’s marketing philosophy is that a

Website should be like a theme park

Created by NSL Designers Protocol Communications


Radio Advertising Bureau

The RAB has done a lot of hard work to promote radio as an exciting

medium. Its Website has to do the same. Hmmm. It starts off with the

totally unexpected line, ‘Welcome to the RAB online’, and you then have

to go through a registration process before you can gain access.

Design-wise, the site is uninspiring. There are three sections called

‘Wireless Wisdom’, ‘Wireless World’ and ‘Wireless Works’ as well as a

feedback and help button. In Wisdom, there is a thing called ‘the

planner’s guide to beyond the obvious’ which talks about ‘involvement’,

‘intrusiveness’, ‘humanness’ (ie put a dog in it) and ‘presence’ - all

things that this site is sadly lacking.

Client Gavin Whatrup, systems manager, the Radio Advertising Bureau

Brief Provide an easy-to-use point of access to the RAB’s research and

information resource

Created by The RAB and the Place


Swatch CD-Rom

The Swatch CD-Rom is all about Swatch’s sponsorship of the Atlanta

Olympic Games of which it is the official time-keeper.

The CD covers the history of timing of events in the games from the

early days of human error to today where success is measured in

hundredths of seconds.

Graphically, it is not that sophisticated - most of the images seem to

be borrowed from stock and the illustrations are slightly confusing. The

best part by far is called ‘fast forward facts’, which is like a BBC

documentary on the history of time-keeping with the film showing medals

being given out for events where people didn’t actually win. Overall,

though, it looks like it needed a few more thousand spent on it for a

more professional look. After all, it is the Olympics.

Client Jane Lampard, marketing manager, Swatch

Brief Communicate Swatch’s role as official time-keeper of the 1996

Olympic Games and reflect the hi-tech nature of the Swatch timing story

Created by GCI Group

Designers One to One

Halifax Building Society

Anyone who has a mortgage, or has taken out a loan, knows what it’s like

to sit there while your bank manager fills in loads of forms and works

out whether you’re worthy or not. In this site, you can do all of those

things in front of a frownless computer.

You can work out mortgage payments and interest rates from the comfort

of your own home. The only problem is you still have to go and visit the

bank manager eventually, but, to that end, there is a neat thingy to

work out where your local branch is.

The beauty of the Internet is that, pretty soon, you really won’t have

to do this. (Yippee! Hurry up boys.) Graphically, the site leaves

something to be desired and it has a quirky side to it where, when you

ask for a mortgage rate, you get a story about a frog.

Client The Halifax Building Society

Brief Provide customer information and incorporate a ‘flip-side’ to

provide a unique X factor

Created by Bates Interactive

Designers Patrick Semple and Scott Jagger, Ian Lathwell (programming)


Abbey National

This site has a bold opening home page entitled Di@logue with nice

bright colours and clean graphics, but the type is a bit ‘Janet and

John’ and makes for a rather childlike feel.

There are some interesting things about mortgages, interest rates and

the like, as well as some good information on how to get out of negative

equity, but overall the content is thin and it doesn’t have the warm

feel of the Halifax site.

Also, the links seemed to be directing users towards good sites rather

than relevant ones. Mortgages could be linked to estate agents, and loan

rate pages to car sites, for instance. Instead, we get Levi’s and Sony.

Client Paula Ickinger, the marketing department, Abbey National

Brief Provide quick and personally relevant financial information

without unnecessary ‘Web frills’

Created by The Brand Encounter at Barker and Ralston and Imagination