A Website might seem the client’s new media answer but e-mail can work very well. Edited by Mairi Clark

A Website might seem the client’s new media answer but e-mail can work

very well. Edited by Mairi Clark

Is e-mail a better marketing tool than a Website?

Humble e-mail has some great advantages over a Website but can eat up

resources, depending on how much automation there is in the response

mechanism. If used in the right way, e-mail can be a more personal

medium than the Web and can be used for the delivery of quite large

pieces of information that wouldn’t be tolerable on a Web page.

Although e-mail is currently a largely non-graphic environment, this is

set to change. The latest Netscape browsers have e-mail capability that

includes much of the graphic functionality of a Web page. I think this

will continue so that for marketers, e-mail will become a very viable

information delivery mechanism, allowing the posting of complex graphics

and even multi-media brochures.

Paul Syrysko Stream

E-mail is a brilliant marketing application - but marketers have become

hypnotised by the Web merely because it looks a bit like advertising.

The Net is about relationships, not advertising, and e-mail is a

relationship tool. It’s cheap, convenient, personal and direct, used by

millions more people than the Web. But it’s an opportunity marketers are

missing. I’ve e-mailed hundreds of companies and have received scant

feedback - even though I’ve expressed interest in a particular product

and a willingness to be e-mailed. It’s shameful. Make your e-mail

address as ubiquitous as your phone number and answer the damn messages.

Russell Davies Leo Burnett

Finding effective media solutions would be a cinch, if each medium was

measurably ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than another. But in reality, having a

Website is like hosting a party. You invited everyone, or so you

thought, but time’s getting on and no-one’s arrived. You’ve spent a

fortune on food, drink, decorations and music, but you’re left agonising

as to whether your guests were lured by a better offer, or if they even

recall your address. With e-mail, you’re gatecrashing the party next

door. It’s practically free, you know exactly who everyone is, and your

presence is tolerated. Somebody might even be attracted by your sheer

nerve. Your personality will dictate which of these actions is more


Andrew McIntosh Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

For most clients, the promotion of an engaging Website, rather than just

an e-mail address, is likely to be vastly more beneficial. We want to

encourage a relationship with consumers and then, having got their

attention, provide them with the chance to communicate with us. Just

promoting your e-mail address is a bit like just putting up an 0800

number on TV without an ad backing it. We have to seduce the consumer

into a relationship and, provided the e-mail facility is readily

available, you can handle the volume of mail, and you have a compelling

Website, it seems a bit of a no-brainer to me.

Charlie Dobres Lowe Howard-Spink