Interconnected marketing: how to stay ahead of the changing game

As consumers, brands, technology and media become increasingly interconnected, agencies and clients need to adapt their strategies to the shifting landscape.

Campaign brought together experts to discuss these issues and more over breakfast in a central London hotel, while our illustrator, Simon Heath, captured the proceedings. From agility to empowerment, vested interest and malicious obedience, this is how the conversation went…in illustration and film.

"Consumers ping about like pinballs,
unconsciously making connections that
shape their beliefs and decisions
about brands"

- Libby Child

"If you can have that mentality
where the customer is the end 
point, then you’re going in the
right direction" 

- Stephen Maher

"Be agile. Launching EE, everyone had
a role and played as a team – but 
out of position if necessary"

- Dominic Collins

"Being interconnected is hard when 
there is a culture of protective roles 
and ‘you can’t touch that’"

- Simon Amster

"The linear workflow model is outdated.
We need to get the bright people
in the room and empower them
to come up with better ideas"

- Shaun McIlrath



Clockwise, from left  Libby Child chief executive,  Aprais UK  Shaun McIlrath global creative director, Iris Worldwide  Stephen Maher chief executive, MBA  Rachel Barnes editor, Marketing  Dominic Collins former chief marketing officer, Legal & General  Simon Amster creative content director, TVC Group