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Deutsche Bahn Jung von Matt

Deutsche Bahn Jung von Matt

Cindy Crawford is the star of this campaign for the German national

railways. A man is sitting at a bar when he spots a woman walking

towards him. She says: ‘Are you Klaus Gunther?’ When he admits he is,

she asks him to kiss her. As their lips are about to touch, Gunther is

woken up by a train conductor who tells him they are nearing their

destination. Faced with the choice of reality or adjusting his chair and

slipping back to sleep, he chooses the latter. The ad ends with the

traveller and Crawford in a passionate embrace.

Country Germany

Agency Jung von Matt

Client Deutsche Bahn AG

Copywriters Stefan Zschaler, Oliver Kessler

Art director Ove Gley

Director Jeff Darling

Production company BFCS

Soviet Strike In-house

The computer games publisher, Electronic Arts, decided to go straight

for the jugular when it launched its new video game, Soviet Strike, in

Russia. The game takes its plot from the hypothetical collapse of

Russia’s fledgling democracy. The player’s task is to overthrow a

dangerous communist movement, which is intent on re-establishing the

former Soviet Union. It aims to do this by guiding democratic Russia

into a disaster that will be known as the ‘separatist bloodbath’. The

player takes the role of an elite helicopter pilot who has been hand-

picked by an underground taskforce called Strike, which is dedicated to

preventing wars from happening. The pounds 1 million marketing campaign

included this giant poster bearing the slogan: ‘Stop the war before it

begins.’ The 48-sheet site stood at one of Moscow’s busiest

intersections for two weeks during July. The video game comes as

Electronic Arts’ sequel to Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban


Country Russia Agency

In-house Client Electronic Arts

Copywriter Mark Casey

Art director John Boden

Photographer/typesetter John Boden

Schweppes DDB Amsterdam

Schizan is a soft drink from Schweppes, with a distinctive taste and

some unusual ingredients, including guarana and ginseng. For its launch

in the Netherlands and on the Continent, DDB Amsterdam decided to go for

a new-age look, emphasising the three senses most involved in drinking

Schizan - seeing, smelling, tasting. The campaign was spearheaded by TV,

and backed by radio, press and posters. To maintain the mystery of the

drink, the ads do not explain too much, but show noses, eyes and mouths,

with the strapline: ‘Refresh your senses.’ In line with the new-age

feel, the posters use impressionist photography by Inez van Lamsweerde.

Country The Netherlands

Agency DDB Amsterdam

Client Schweppes Nederland BV

Copywriter Robert den Bremer

Art director Edward Romunde

Photographer Inez van Lamsweerde

Radio 105 Ammirati Puris Lintas Italy

Radio 105 is a national radio network with two very distinct and

different customer groups - the teen market, which listens to its music,

and the business fraternity which tunes into its news. Ammirati Puris

Lintas Italy decided to tackle the problem of addressing both groups by

looking at the human body as a radio. The commercials, which ran in

Italian magazines, each showed a part of a body as a radio - in one, for

example, knuckles translate into the sliding bass and treble controls

often found on radios and stereos, and in another, frequencies are

imprinted on the teeth of a woman. The agency did run into trouble,

however, with one execution which showed a naked woman with ‘volume’ and

‘tone’ controls instead of nipples. The local self-regulatory body, the

Istituto Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria, or IAP, obliged Radio 105 to

withdraw the ad.

Country Italy

Agency Ammirati Puris Lintas

Client Radio 105

Copywriter Paolo Maccarini

Art director Paolo Tognoni

Photographer Fabrizio Fenucci

Mercedes Lowe and Partners/SMS

Mercedes used two strategies in this campaign for its E-class car. The

first focused on famous people who drove Mercedes, such as Bing Crosby,

Marlene Dietrich and Clark Gable, to advertise the brand. The second

film in the campaign shows a sleek Mercedes being driven through a city.

It soon becomes apparent that the city is populated by rhinoceroses. The

voiceover says: ‘Another morning. Another trip to the office. But in the

new Mercedes E-class you’re in one of the safest cars on the road.

You’re inside a protective cage with front airbags and, get this, side

airbags,’ then a rhinoceros runs into the side of the car. The

strapline, ‘the first car with side airbags in the doors’, flashes on to

the screen. The voiceover continues: ‘Heaven knows, there are animals on

these roads.’

Country USA

Agency Lowe and Partners/SMS

Client Mercedes E-class

Copywriter Marty Orzio

Art directors Randy Saitta, Andy Hirsch

Directors Jay Vignon, Bruce Dowad

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