Chrysler Bozell Frankfurt

Chrysler Bozell Frankfurt

These ads, for the launch campaign of Chrysler’s Stratus Cabrio

convertible, were shot on the west coast of America by Vic Huber to

emphasise their US styling. The first one, photographed beside Route 66,

details the joy of driving the car, saying: ‘Whether you’re exploring

the quiet towns and villages of Europe or cruising the Continent’s super

highway, the time will pass quickly.’ The endline is: ‘You spend a lot

of time behind the wheel. Enjoy.’ The second reads: ‘The sleek power top

disappears quickly and silently at the touch of a button.’ With the

tagline, ‘raise the roof’.

Country Germany

Agency Bozell Frankfurt

Client Chrysler Stratus Cabrio

Writer Tine Nowak

Art directors Frank Krupka, Tony Neu

Photography Vic Huber

Diesel DDB Paradiset

Diesel Workwear has continued its advertising campaign for five years,

using 70 different ads in its ‘successful living’ campaign. This one

features five young men, stripped to the waist and covered in oil. They

are each flexing their muscles and the strapline reads: ‘Thanks Diesel,

for making us so very beautiful.’ This ad is for Diesel jeans but each

execution features a different item of clothing. Other ads in the

campaign have featured a Diesel Formula 1 team, models surrounded by

racing cars, and an elderly man being given a rather inappropriate

Diesel T-shirt by his family for Christmas. Often controversial, Diesel

caused a stir at Cannes this year with its ‘hot couture’ spot, which ran

into criticism for being racist. The ad, which featured an Indian Elvis

lookalike wearing Diesel jeans, nevertheless won a silver lion.

Country Sweden

Agency DDB Paradiset

Client Diesel

Writer sLinus Carlson

Art director Joakim Jonason

Photography Henry Halvorsen

Carlsberg Breweries Saatchi and Saatchi Copenhagen

In this campaign, Carlsberg wanted to convey not only the quality of its

beer but also its popularity. It shows a man preparing for a special

dinner and the catalogue of disasters that ensues. He decides to soak

the labels off empty Carlsberg bottles and paste them on to his cheaper

beer. When his dinner date arrives, he pours her a glass of beer and

lights the candles, throwing the match over his shoulder. The label on

the bottles start to unpeel and he leans a fork against one to hold it

down, which later results in the fork pinging across the room. His date

then notices that her bag is on fire, which he douses with water. She

finally takes a sip of her beer and is so horrified by the taste that

she spits it out. The endline is: ‘Not our beer.’

Country Denmark

Agency Saatchi and Saatchi Copenhagen

Client Carlsberg lager

Creatives Lars Busekist, Ask Wappling

Director Stein Leikanger

Production company Easy Film Copenhagen

Once Delvico Bates

Once is a Spanish charity for the blind that also runs a national

lottery. These ads were to promote a new lottery product, and to

publicise the range of prizes on offer. In a campaign released earlier

this year, scenes from around the world featuring queues of people were

shown. It was supported by a teaser press and radio campaign that asked

why these people were forming queues. Based on an Once ad that ran nine

years ago and picked up a gold at Cannes, the new spot showed how, each

time the queue moved forward as someone bought a lottery ticket, they

fell backwards, thus setting in motion a domino effect through the line.

Country Spain

Agency Delvico Bates

Client Once

Creatives Felix Fernandez des Castro, Toni Sigarra, David Callibero

Directors Jaime de la Pena, Cesc Garzot

Production company Tesauro

Volkswagen DDB

This execution in DDB Amsterdam’s recent campaign for Volkswagen

features four people talking about names. Two of the young women are

called Mercedes, one is called Porsche and another - a man - has the

name Ferrari. They discuss how awful it is to have people joking about

whether they have fuel injection, men asking if they can have a look

under their bonnets and so on. Then the line, ‘You don’t pick your own

name. If you did, you’d pick one you’d never regret’, appears. Finally,

a young man explains that he has changed his name by deed poll to

Jonathan Volkswagen-Beetle. The viewer sees his passport flash on to the

screen and Jonathan cleaning his own Beetle. The endline is:

‘Volkswagen. Who else?’. The press ad in the campaign featured one hand

dropping Volkswagen keys into another hand, with the strapline:

‘Volkswagen recycling.’

Country The Netherlands

Agency DDB Amsterdam

Client Pon’s Automobielhandel (for Volkswagen)

Writer Eric Wunsch

Art director Lode Schaeffer

Directors Lode Schaeffer, Erick Wunsch

Production company DDB Amsterdam

Compaq Ammirati Puris Lintas

Compaq aimed to show the impact that computers have on everyday life

with this campaign. The first ad features two elderly women in a country

kitchen. One grannie, who is sitting down, appears to be trying to

remember a recipe, reciting the ingredients. She says: ‘Let me see.

Cinnamon, nutmeg and...’. Her companion walks over to the computer

behind her and says: ‘I’ll just print it off for you.’ The screen of the

computer changes to show a fruit loaf, and the other woman says: ‘Why

don’t you just fax it to me?’.

The second ad in the series shows a young deaf girl asking a woman, in

sign language, what she used to do when she came home from school. The

woman explains that she watched television, and the girl asks why. ‘I

don’t know,’ explains the woman.

Country US Agency Ammirati Puris Lintas Client Compaq

Writers Keith Klein, Brent Bouchez

Art directors Mike MacNeil, David Page

Director Mark Coppos

Production company Coppos Sato Thomas

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