Optus Vision George Patterson Bates

Optus Vision George Patterson Bates

Optus Vision used the film, The Pelican Brief, in its TV spot

advertising the Movie Network. The ad opens on a couple watching the

film on TV. At the point where Denzel Washington makes a vital telephone

call, the phone rings in the lounge; the caller is Denzel. The girl says

she knows who the murderer is because the film is on the Optus Vision

Movie Network. Denzel says he hasn’t heard of it, and they talk about

meeting. The scene cuts to the Movie Network logo, plus the endline,

‘The world’s most involving movies? What next?’.

Country Australia

Agency George

Patterson Bates

Client Optus Vision

Writer Rod Vallis

Art director Mike Preston

Director Terry Stone

Production company Limelight

BWIA Airlines Romann and Tannenholz

British West Indian Airways specialises in flying between the US and the

Caribbean. It does not, however, have the field to itself since other

airlines service the region. So its agency decided to make BWIA’s

selling point its ability to cover more islands than its rivals. The

blue skies, shimmering seas and beaches have been ditched in favour of a

campaign that aims to position BWIA as the airline that knows most about

the area. Each execution of the print campaign vouchsafes a little-known

nugget of information about the Caribbean. For example, the only time

George Washington left the US it was to go to Barbados. This theme will

be developed in a TV campaign for later this year.

Country US Agency Romann and Tannenholz

Client BWIA

Copywriter Lang Phipps

Creative Gad Romann Photographer Chip Forelli

Layout, design and typography

Cynthia Herrli, Silvia Frascaroli

Belgacom Directory Services DDB Brussels

DDB Brussels’ work for the telephone directory, the Belgacom Guide,

involved a multimedia drive to show consumers that if you use the guide

your life will never be the same again. The full-colour television ad

features a young woman lounging on a bed and looking at the guide. The

places she reads about remind her of her past. Startlingly, these places

come to life - photographs in the guide turn into moving pictures in

black and white, playing out scenes from her past. She ‘relives’ her

first meeting with her husband, their first date, lazy Sundays, and

finally their marriage. ‘Follow the Belgacom Guide, life will never be

the same again,’ is the message.

Country Belgium

Agency DDB Brussels

Client Belgacom Directory Services

Copywriter Carl Hansenne

Art director Michael De Lauw

Director Jan Bultheel

Production company Pix and Motion

Durex McCann-Erickson Auckland

Durex Excita, a ribbed condom, has run a campaign in New Zealand to

emphasise its sensual aspects. ‘Feels different, doesn’t it’ ran as a

bound-in insert and encouraged readers to run their fingers over the

page to feel the ridges on it. More visual executions featured a

suburban street with speed bumps, and the words, ‘Experience the

excitement of a ribbed condom’; another had a man’s torso with the line,

‘Ribs again tonight?’; and one ran with the line, ‘A decent set of ribs

have always looked attractive on a man’. The final execution showed a

photograph of three Excita condoms, and the line, ‘Get some spare ribs

for the weekend’.

Country New Zealand

Agency McCann-Erickson Auckland

Client London International Asia Pacific/Durex

Writer Rod Lyons

Art director Kate Saarinen

Photographers Simon Harsent ‘ribs again’ and ‘decent set’; Steve

Bicknell ‘judder bars’ (speed bumps)

Gevalia Young and Rubicam Stockholm

Kraft Jacob Suchard in Sweden was anxious to stand out from the crowd in

its advertising for the coffee brand, Gevalia. So its agency, Young and

Rubicam Stockholm, came up with an idea that was an action-packed

version of the old ‘boy meets girl’ theme. The commercials use the

premise that it is handy to have some Gevalia in the cupboard for those

‘unexpected’ guests. In one execution a young man is happily going about

his business, until too much noise from the upstairs flat makes him

knock on the ceiling. He does it too hard, and a beautiful young woman

drops through the damaged ceiling, naked and submerged in a bath of

bubbles. In another, a bungee-jumping girl surprises the handsome driver

of a cruise boat on a river when she arrives head first through his

canvas awning. All executions end, of course, with that romantic moment

when their eyes meet.

Country Sweden

Agency Young and Rubicam Stockholm

Client K&S Gevalia

Writer Henri K. Haeger

Art director Lars Hansson

Director Alessandro Gramazio

Production company Oh-la-la

Ruf and Tuf jeans Trikaya Grey

Ruf and Tuf Jeans are ‘ready-to-stitch’ jeans, with all the appropriate

parts - denim, rivets, zipper, buttons and the label - coming in pack

form for the consumer to make up. To promote the sale of these packs,

which are popular in India, where western jeans are difficult to get

hold of, Trikaya Grey has devised a series of three commercials. In this

spot, a popular Indian film star is featured travelling by tube. A

scuffle breaks out, and there follows a Streetfighter-style sequence in

which our hero energetically fights off four or five thugs who are

harassing a fellow passenger. When the police arrive they ask the

passenger, a distinguished-looking gentlemen, if everything is OK, and

he replies that it Then follows the endline: ‘Ruf and Tuf. The

tougher the better.’

Country India

Agency Trikaya Grey

Client Ruf and Tuf

Writer Rekha Nigam

Art director Salil Sojwal

Director Mukul S. Anand

Production company Mad Films