Mura Collant Ammirati Puris Lintas

Mura Collant Ammirati Puris Lintas

Legs is what it’s all about, which is why most hosiery advertising is

renowned for images of long-legged women in exotic locations. For this

press campaign, the Dutch photographer, Edland Man, used computer

graphics to lengthen the model’s legs. The brief was to emphasise that

Mura Collant tights make your legs look appealing so that you can ‘show

a lot of leg’. There are three different executions, each of which use

computer graphics. The copyline runs: ‘Dove osano le gambi’, which

roughly translates as ‘legs that dare’.

Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas, Milan

Client: Mura

Writers: Luisa Riva

Creative directors: Luca Maroni, Anna Montefusco

Art director: Maria Singorini

Photographer: Edland Man

Sheikh Condoms WestGroup’

Don’t judge men by their appearance, says this poster for the Durex

brand, Sheikh, through WestGroup, Florida. Trouble is, WestGroup

couldn’t find a decent model with the right tattoos.

The art director, Roger Perry, went to San Francisco’s Anubus Warpus

tattoo parlour, where he found Ben Fitzgerald. Body pierced in five

places, Fitzgerald also has 20 ‘wrap-around’ tattoos. Unfortunately, the

one across his fingers says ‘born dead’, which wasn’t much good for a

condom ad, so it had to be doctored out on computer. Of course, the

client hated Fitzgerald at first because he looked too sinister, but the

agency prevailed.

Client: London International

Agency: WestGroup, Tampa, Fla

Art director: Roger Perry

Copywriter: Mike Lear

Photographer: Kevin Irby

Fratini’s Caesar Salad Bates Singapore

There isn’t a single creative, account manager or client who doesn’t

understand that the best ideas are always the most simple. Yet this

isn’t always easy to achieve, especially with more mundane products,

into which category the ready-made Fratini’s Caesar Salad falls. Yet

this ad is simplicity itself. So much so that it would work anywhere.

It’s not difficult to describe: in a 15-second TV commercial, a bowl of

the said salad is stabbed repeatedly with Roman daggers. The voiceover

says: ‘Authentic Caesar Salad. dollars 5.90.’ That’s it.

The ad, which is already in the next D&AD annual, has been shortlisted

for two Clios and an Asian Media Award.

Agency: Bates Singapore

Client: Fratini’s Caesar Salad

Creative director: Gary Knight

Copywriter: Andy Flemming

Art director: Andy Flemming

Director: Riggs

BMW Motorcycles Fallon McElligott Berlin

It’s a standard rule in most car or motorbike campaigns that you must

show people lots of shiny metal. This series of seven black-and-white

press advertisements for BMW Motorcycles does at least show the bikes,

except they’re all blurred. But that’s only half the point - the idea

being to capture the adrenalised experience of riding a BMW. In other

respects, such as conveying the sense of freedom that comes when you

strap on the helmet and leathers, these are conventional bike ads, yet

they are lifted above the competition by the calm, measured tone of the

copy. Surprise, surprise, the agency boss, Andy Berlin, claims to be an

avid biker.

Agency Fallon McElligott Berlin

Client BMW Motorcycles

Writer Sally Hogshead

Art Director Marc Klein

Creative director Andy Berlin

Swiss Dairy Board Advico Young and Rubicam

Hats off to Emil Kaelin. Who’s he? The marketing manager of the Swiss

central milk producers’ body and the man responsible for some stunning

ads promoting milk. This is easier said than done in a European culture

where milk is traditionally easier to promote to children on health

grounds, while adults are harder to persuade. However, taking the

premise of ‘Milk. Nature’s pick-me-up’, Advico Young and Rubicam,

Zurich, has fashioned a series of ads where the cow always comes out on

top, thereby appealing to children and adults alike. In an earlier TV

commercial, thanks to some post-production trickery, the cow

successfully out-juggles a smooth footballer. In this one, a hapless

bullfighter also comes off second best.

Agency Advico Young and Rubicam

Client Switzerland Milk Producers Central Marketing

Writer Hansjorg Zurcher

Art Director Matthias Babst

Creative director Hansjorg Zurcher

Photographer Giorgio Bertelli, KeyFrame

Superga shoes Pirella Gottsche Lowe

In the sports shoe market, you can’t out-Nike Nike, or out-Adidas

Adidas. But, then again, with a domestic brand like Superga in status

conscious Italy, maybe that’s not the right thing to do anyway. Hence

the decision by Pirella Gottsche Lowe to push the boat out in a

different direction with a pair of moody black-and-white films that

present Superga wearers as confrontational and disrespectful risk-

takers. Enigmatic storylines, with no dialogue, leave the viewer trying

to guess what exactly is happening. In one ad, a toy-boy wears the shoes

in an examination, is slapped across the face by a professor and ends up

in bed with a woman invigilator.

Agency Pirella Gottsche Lowe

Client Superga

Writer Pino Rozzi

Art director Roberto Pizzigoni

Director Alessandro Gramazio

Production company Film Master